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If you are serious about packing on muscle, building strength, and fine tuning your athleticism then there is no better recipe for it than kettlebell training! That’s right, in order to build both strength endurance and raw muscular strength you have got to include the iron cannonball into your personal program.

In order to be successful in packing on extra muscle you have got to have two main ingredients. The first ingredient is that you have to have a smart nutrition plan. Nutrition is a variable that is not to be ignored, but for the sake of this article I am going to address the second variable which has to do with including smart workouts to build strength which in turn will result in added muscle mass. In order to achieve these variables through your workouts you have got to incorporate kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training is very dynamic in nature and is done by executing whole body movements that incorporate hundreds of muscles at once in order for you to tame the iron cannonball! The base lift of the kettlebell is the double arm kettlebell swing and is the single best exercise for raw strength and strength endurance. When doing lifts such as the double arm swing you train your body in a specific way to stimulate your nervous system which in turn will significantly help you with lean muscular development. This will occur much quicker when challenging your body through multi-joint style movements which are easily obtained through the training style of kettlebells.

In order to accomplish your strength and muscle developing goals you have got to have the inner drive and a sound training plan. Remember to train hard, but train smart too my friends! Take the time to get acquainted with the kettlebell!


Source by Brandon Richey