FDA Analysis Prompts Rubbing Alcohol Recall | Nutrition Fit



The manufacturer of Soho Fresh 70% rubbing alcohol is recalling one lot, sent to retail stores across the country, after the FDA found that the product contains methanol. The alcohol comes in 33.81 oz. clear bottles.

No injuries have been reported. 

Methanol can be toxic, if enough is ingested or used on the skin. Methanol, besides nausea, headache and blurred vision, can also cause permanent injury in terms of blindness, and damage to the nervous system. Coma and seizures can also result. Others most at risk of methanol poisoning are young children should they swallow it. 

Essaar Inc, maker of Soho Fresh, is directing customers to stop using the rubbing alcohol and throw it out. Or, customers can return it or send directly to Essaar, which is located in Passaic, N.J. The email address is [email protected] ; the phone is 201-647-7606. 

 More information can be found here.


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