Feel the Need for a Burger in Orange County, California? | Nutrition Fit



Sometimes even a self-proclaimed “veggie-nut” just wants a good old-fashioned burger. The best part about being in Orange County is that you can find places in every nook and cranny that make really good burgers-and they are NOT necessarily made of beef, unless you order them that way.

Let’s fact it burgers and their natural side-kick, fries, are as popular as America’s favorite pastime of baseball. To cover that base (pun intended) there is Edison Field and the Angels.

For the food part, here are some of the county’s best burger joints, believe it or not, the first three are owned and operated chain locations!

-Ruby’s Diner. The only real sitdown restaurant mentioned. Light, bright and each has the basic theme of being a ’40’s diner. Great for families. The menu has plenty to chose from, if someone in your crowd doesn’t want what we’re talking about here. Burgers can be beef, but they also have turkey, vegetarian, even chicken. All served with lettuce, tomato and a slice of onion. What makes this a little different is that each unit has an added theme of some kind of transportation that fly on a track above the restaurant. Depending on where you are, this means: boats, bikes, trains or cars.

-In & Out. Another chain that loves the diner scene. Here there aren’t many choices, except how many patties you want and if you’d like cheese with that. But there’s a reason why this chain is so popular-they make the items on the menu right.

-Fatburger. Burgers and diners they seem to be hand in hand. This one moves up a decade. Fatburger is actually “Phat”, as in cool, delicious and perfect. Here you have a choice of beef or turkey. Plenty of toppings. They’re big, juicy, messy and worth the calories.

-Knowlwoods. There are only about three in the county, but like Ruby’s their menu is huge. They give you a choice of beef, turkey and vegetarian. Sometimes they’ll have specials with include salmon burgers, but it’s hit and miss. Like fatburger, their big, juicy and messy.

-Ted’s Burgers. Okay, there’s only one, in Laguna Niguel. Here the menu is really huge and despite the name, Ted’s is known locally for having the best breakfasts around. But he has beef, turkey, vegetarian and salmon burgers on the docket. There really is a Ted-and if he’s there, he’ll come over and sit down in your booth with you!

The last is usually the best, ask most people who live in the South end of the county where to get a really great burger this is the most likely answer!

-Fuddruckers. Again, only one-in El Toro. Upscale fast food. Besides the normal, they also have buffalo and ostrich. If you’d rather have an angus steak sandwich or a fish filet it’s there. Plus, they have a condiment/salad bar. Oh, and the buns and other baked goods are homemade right there on the premises. If you love your meal-take some home. They’ll wrap up the uncooked patties for you and all the baked goodies (brownies, cookies, pie and buns!) are available at the bakery counter.

There you have it-If you happen to be in Orange County and get a craving for something delicious and comforting, now you know where to wander into!


Source by Carine Nadel