Fix Lazy Eye – The Palming Technique to Fix Lazy Eye Naturally



I can testify that I know exactly what it feels like to have lazy eye because as I sit here writing this I have eye strain in my left eye and have recently noticed that it’s become more and more misaligned with my right eye.

For me, it’s a result of sitting at a computer all day and staring into a monitor. But whenever I feel tired and my eyes are strained I don’t bother going to see an optician because I’m a firm believer in the work of the ophthalmologist and author William Bates. I’ll spend an hour of the next week “working out” my eye using exercises that Bates recommends and my eyes will be back to normal.

Here are two great exercises straight out of the Bates school of thinking that I often use to counteract eyestrain and lazy eye. It may take you a bit of practice to get used to doing them, but they really do work.


Palming is a great relaxation technique that I use if I feel extremely tense or uptight – especially after a hard day at the office. Here’s what you do:

– Warm up your hands by rubbing them together for a couple of minutes

– Place one palm over each eye

– Cup your palms so that they don’t touch your eyes or eyelids

– Rest your elbows on a hard surface. Your fingers will naturally cross on your forehead

– Everything should be dark now – complete darkness

– Try and fully relax in this palming position.

Palming will work over both short and extended periods of time. If you have difficulties getting relaxed or find yourself bored then move around (go for a walk for example) to get the blood flowing.

The Dot Exercise

The dot exercise is designed to teach you not to strain when you stare at objects. Straining to see something is really bad for your vision – this is actually really quite important. You need to recognise when you’re straining and learn to prevent it from happening in the future – that’s what this exercise is great for.

Here’s what you do: Look at one of the full stops on this page, or even better on a sheet of paper and concentrate on making it look as clear as possible. Make sure you stare at it for an extended period (no pun intended) of time. After a while the dot will blur instead of becoming clearer and in some instances you may even experience a headache.

Now try relaxing your eyes a bit and look at the dot with staring. Allow your eyes to move over, around and across the period and you can even blink once or twice. Now close your eyes and envision the dot or just look at an area around the period without focusing on it at all. Then focus back in on the period once again.

You should notice that the period is clearer. By allowing your eyes to relax and act naturally your vision can improve massively. Exercises like this are incredibly powerful for a lazy eye.

In Summary

There are many exercises like the above that can be used to help your eyesight naturally. When you consider your conventional alternatives to natural eye improvement (things like glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery) and the consequences of such treatments then the natural method really does make sense on all fronts including expense, long term longevity, safety and general well being.


Source by Selin Aydoshan