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“The Idiot Proof Diet Handbook” is used by the popular weight loss plan Fat loss 4 Idiots. This handbook is based on ten rules on how to lose 9lbs per 11 days. If you adhere to these rules, you can do it too. Below I have listed these ten rules:

Rule #1 – Use the calorie shifting concept. The calorie shifting method is a key concept in the Fat loss 4 idiots diet plan and is the single most important factor that makes the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet more effective than other traditional diets. Although, how you do it is explained very detailed in the Handbook. You don’t really have to think about what to eat because the system will generate a meal plan for 11 days automatically based on your favorite foods.

Rule #2 – Meal rotation With this I mean that you should rotate your meals from protein meals one day to carbohydrate meals the next and so on.

Rule #3 – Limit your eating Limit what you eat to four meals per day with at least two and a half hours between each meal you eat.

Rule #4 – Prepare your own meals All your meals must be prepared at home. Stay away from fast food and other restaurants. You need to have the full control of what you eat.

Rule #5 – Stay away from candies Candies, snack foods and sweets now and then of course you can eat but do not make this a habit. Limit it to let’s say once a week, for example, on Saturdays.

Rule #6 – No sugary drinks or soda pops.

Rule #7 – Avoid gravies and rich sauces. You can season your food as you want though.

Rule #8 – You must drink water many times a day first and foremost because when you drink water you will fill up your stomach and thus automatically eat less. Moreover, it’s healthy to get your system cleansed regularly with water.

Rule #9 – Allow plenty of time for your meals. Eating slowly will prevent stuffing and overeating.

Rule #10 – Walk 30 minutes each day at least. Walking is a great way of exercising when you want to lose weight.

If you follow the idiot proof diet rules listed above you will be on the right path for accomplishing your weight loss goal. Don’t expect miracles with these rules alone; to shift your metabolism into high gear and really speed up your weight loss you need to learn a couple of other tricks.


Source by Gary Gui