Foods That Promote Weight Loss – Peanut Butter, Green Tea, Almonds, & Beans | Nutrition Fit



There are certain foods that promote weight loss when eaten. The most important factor in losing weight is your diet, above exercise and above supplements. In this article I will outline healthy foods for weight loss.

The reason these foods work is because your body burn calories digesting foods. Certain foods require more calories to be burnt in order to be digested. These foods are not the whole puzzle. They should be combined in your current diet and or exercise program to get maximum results.

Green Tea: Most people either drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Whichever you’re doing replace it with green tea. There are chemicals in green tea that burn fat. Going into the scope of how and why these chemicals burn fat is beyond this article. On top of fat burning properties it also offers powerful antioxidants and other health benefits.

Peanut Butter: ALL NATURAL peanut butter. We’re not talking Jiffy here. Buy the all natural peanut butter where the oil is on top. A great snack combination is celery and peanut butter. Not only will it help burn fat but the fiber will suppress your appetite.

Almonds: Almonds contain the good fats. Almonds are one of the power foods from the abs diet. It is rich in fatty acids (good thing) and protein. Aim for a handful of almonds per day. I like crunching them up in my oatmeal.

Beans: Beans are rich in fiber and help keep you full. The good bean list is kidney beans, navy beans, white beans and Lima beans. I have found beans to be very helpful in suppressing my appetite.

Make sure you ad these to a diet plan that you will actually stick to. The best diet is one that you can actually stick to long term. If you can’t afford a nutritionist or diet program to perfectly plan out your meal plans then it might come down to a lot of trial and error.


Source by Ashley Atkinson