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Sometimes you feel like you need to take a break from bodybuilding.

Sometimes you take a break because of an injury or because of a lack of motivation. Whatever your reason is.

If you’re here, it means that you stopped working out, and you want to start again but you’re not sure how to get back into bodybuilding to gain muscle again.

Don’t worry, because you’ll now discover my tips for a perfect comeback in muscle-building.

First, the consequences

Breaks in bodybuilding (or in the fitness world in general) can have a negative impact on your body.

This sounds logical because if you don’t stimulate your muscles for a certain period of time, they’ll start to weaken over the time.

But of course, it depends on the length of the break. If you stopped your training for just a week, we can’t really consider this a break.

In fact from time to time, this kind of break can be beneficial to you, because it helps you to completely recover.

And you don’t have to worry about how to comeback, just start you session like you normally would.

If your break lasts for a couple of weeks, it’s still not a big deal.

Your muscles may lose their “bloated” aspect because you’ll no longer have the congestion effect (the rush of blood in your muscles) that can last long after working out but it’s not a problem.

But if your break lasts for month, or longer, your muscles will start to weaken.

Your strength will lower a bit, and the next months you’ll notice that your muscles will lose volume. And worse, your body will forget how to correctly perform the exercises.

However you should know that the intensity of the weakening effect will depend on your level and the reasons of your break.

If you’re doing bodybuilding since a long time, your body will have a harder time getting rid of your muscles (thank god… ).

And if your break is caused by an injury that immobilizes a part of your body, your muscles will weaken faster than if you were still able to move, thus stimulating your muscles.

How to limit the drawbacks

Like I said, each case is different depending on the reasons of the break.

But if you still keep some habits, you can limit the drawbacks.

For example, keep your diet. You just have to reduce your carbohydrates intake because you’re not as active.

But eat as much calories and proteins as before, to keep your muscles fueled.

Having a regular physical activity is crucial. If you continue to stimulate your muscles with any other sports or if you have a physical job, you’ll preserve your muscular integrity.

Of course if you’re injured, it’s more difficult. But depending on your state, you can still do it. For example if you have an arm injury, you can continue to train your legs.

Just remember to not exhaust yourself, your body needs rest and strength to heal properly.

Going back to the gym with a comeback workout

For a proper comeback, you have to restart gently.

Start with lower performances and a lower rhythm.

The longer the break, the lower the performances. Just know that weakened muscles are easier to rebuild than when you’re starting from nothing.


Keep your habits, restart gently, and in no time you’ll get back your muscles and your performances!


Source by Jordan Duval