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I recently purchased a set of Golds Gym Exercise Resistance Bands and here’s my review.

There are many exercise tubing manufacturers, each with differing qualities, features and prices. One of the companies that has produced a decent set of resistance tubing is Golds Gym. Yes, the same company that offers health club memberships throughout the world and that Arnold Schwarzenegger and hundreds of other Hollywood celebrities have trained at.

Golds Gym carries a full line of fitness and exercise equipment, and one of the products that it has produced are exercise tubing.

The Golds Gym exercise resistance bands are the perfect complement for anyone looking for a convenient and portable home gym.

Here are some of the major benefits of these Golds Gym exercise bands:

* They are low in cost.

* You can attach more than one to the handle

* You can do about 140 gym type exercises

* Major brand name company

The Golds Gym Exercise Resistance Bands have three different resistance levels. Here is the breakdown:

* The red is a medium resistance level

* The blue is a hard level

* The black is the hardest resistance available.

Each one measures 48 inches long. I’m not really sure, what the comparable resistance is. In other words is the red 5 or 10 pounds of resistance? Golds doesn’t really mention it specifically on their product box.

One nice advantage is that you can attach the three Golds exercise bands to one handle, similar to a dumbbell, that way you can have extra resistance when you need it.

If you are having difficulty in performing pull-ups or chin-ups, you can build up your strength by using resistance bands.

You can do exercise bands pull downs. They are much easier to do when you are first starting out. For most women and some men you don’t need a chin up bar at the beginning. This is where the exercise bands become an invaluable tool. You can continue to build up your back muscles until you can begin to perform chin-ups or pull-ups.

You can also attach the bands to a door knob or anchored hook, such as a fence, a railing, or even a tree. The company has produced a versatile set.

The only thing I didn’t like is they don’t mention where you can buy additional bands, and how many you can attach to the handle, but for most people just starting out this basic package of three bands is sufficient to start getting in shape.


Source by Robert Deangelo