How to Choose the Right Office 365 Email Backup Software for Your Organization?


Whether it’s a cloud-based emailing platform or an on-premises server, the data stored on them somewhere has multiple risks associated with them. Office 365 has millions of searches on the web, and why not because it comes from the Microsoft family. Despite such strong background, there are chances that data stored on the cloud will get compromised. This write-up will elaborate on the Office 365 email backup software that allows creating the backup of Office 365 mailboxes locally.


Moreover, this article will also provide some background on why it is important for users to back up their data.


What makes users look for Office 365 backup solutions?


Most users would be hit with a question on their mind, despite such an advanced level of security, why it is vital to back up data? To find them, continue reading this blog.


Microsoft does not provide the built-in tools to solve the purpose of many users to back up their data. Only if the date gets deleted and it’s in the retention period can only the user be able to restore the data. Although Office 365 has an e-discovery option that allows backup of the data but comes with multiple downsides.


So this makes a need for professional Office 365 Email Backup Software to ease up the task of creating a backup without causing any concern. The rest of this write-up will cover up one such solution.


Best third-party Office 365 backup Utility


There are multiple considerations behind selecting any software, and the Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore stand on all factors to make it one of the best Office 365 email backup software. We have listed some of its advanced set of features which are listed below:


Capability to load up multiple mailboxes


User always prefers the solution allowing them to add multiple mailboxes without creating any size restrictions. This software makes it easier to connect with their Office 365 account and allows them to add the required mailboxes.


Backup Scheduling Facility


This tool features one of the most required functionalities that helps users to automate their backup process. Using the backup scheduling features, users can set the time frame from daily, weekly, and monthly to backup their emails. At any point in time, intervention from the user doesn’t require.


Incremental Backup


An interruption in any process always has possibilities that the user can neglect. So to overcome such an issue, this software comes out with an inbuilt incremental backup facility. When the user looks to resume the backup, the software will start from the last point where the process has been stopped. This will make sure to eliminate data duplicity.


Intuitive User Interface


Due to the simpler user interface makes the backup of Office 365 data much easier. Users, even those who don’t have the technical knowledge, can easily operate and utilize it to their maximum capabilities. It is also one of the primary reasons that many IT experts have put their faith in this software.


Data filter Options


It is among the Office 365 email backup software that makes it easier for users to process the required data while taking a backup. Users can apply the data filter option, which allows them to process data on the basis of date and folder.


Multiple File Saving Option


Users will get multiple choices for saving their Office 365. This Office 365 Backup Tool will ask users to save the Office 365 mailboxes into PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, and many more file formats. Users can choose any option before giving the software instructions for starting the backup process.


Step-by-Step Procedure to backup data of Office 365 Mailboxes


Ensure you have met the minimum system requirements to install this Office 365 email backup software. We have shared the process of taking up a backup in a couple of steps which are as follows:


  • Firstly, go to the software dashboard, where you need to click on dashboard. Here, kindly enter the required login details.
  • Now move to the backup directory tab of the software; you just need to enter the name of the backup directory and provide the path to save the backup data.
  • Select the create backup job tab from the software ribbon bar. Once done, kindly select one option from the backup mailbox type option.
  • Users can also select only the required mailbox from the list.
  • In the filter tab of the tool, the user can apply filter criteria like include/exclude date and folder. After applying them move to the next tab.
  • Now comes the backup scheduling option where users can choose one option from three-time frames, such as running the job immediately or scheduling it on a different timeframe.
  • Here you can customize the process according to your needs. You can set the time to process any larger item.
  • The last one is to select the file format for saving the Office 365 data, after selecting them, kindly click Create a backup job.


Wrapping Up


Taking precautions while taking the backup is a requirement because data loss can make a huge difference in the organization’s workflow. So it will be better to secure the data with the help of Office 365 email backup software explained in this article. The software makes it easier for users to securely and quickly back up their required data. Moreover, users can access its trial version for free in order to check its working.