How to Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery – Grow Your Own Breasts Quickly



Woman always want to look beautiful and boobs increase the beautifulness of a women. But when the boobs are small no one pays attention to it. Big boobs are always the matter of attraction. So what a woman wants to have a big boobs. Small boob’s girls are always tensed that they have small boobs. Don’t get tensed. Boobs size can be increased the only thing that should be here will power if you have this one you will surely gain the bust size.

Mind power: All human body is controlled by the mind. If a woman wants to enlarge the boobs she should use her mind powers. Ours emotions, motions and metabolism all are controlled by mind. So to make the bust enlarge woman should take deep relaxation and meditation and think that their boobs are growing. After doing this for 15 weeks maximum women changes their bras size to bigger sizes. So mind power is the powerful tool for hormonal shift and speeding up the breast growth.

First of all find a quite place then sit here in relax position and then close your eyes and take deep breath and imagine that here a warm wet towel covering your breast and your breast is growing inside the towel. After 21 days you will see the effects.

Food precautions: food precautions should be taken when you want to increase the breast size. You should give up the fast food completely because it causes the hormonal back down so breasts muscle doesn’t grow up properly. Take simple food, full of vitamins. Vitamins increase the metabolism and cause the hormonal shift so boobs grow.

Surgery: surgery is the main tool to increase the bust size very rapidly. Physicians transplants hormones to speedup the boobs circulatory. And after surgery Woman gets big busts. But surgery can be dangerous also. It can cause the imbalanced flow of hormones that makes the irregular shapes of bust. There is also chance of boobs shagging after surgery.

Exercises: exercise can also cause the size of the boobs to grow. A simple exercise I will tell you.

Rub your both hands continuously to generate heat. Then rub these hands around the nipples from upper part of nipple to sideways and from lower part of nipple to upper nipple and complete the circle. One circle takes approx. 1 second. Do 200-300 rounds daily. These will take around 5 minutes and you can do this exercise 2 or 3 times a daily.


Source by Jenn Watson