How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – Breast Orgasms That Will Make Her Body Shake! (3 Common Problems)



Quite a few women have had breast orgasms and many women can! Breast orgasms have been written about for thousands of years! There are 3 mistakes that most men make that can be easily solved.

1st Problem. Not getting her emotionally prepared.

Have you ever tried to do a project with another person and they were not involved in the success of the project? If you have, then you know that it is important to getting your lady emotionally prepared to have a breast orgasm.

You should talk about it and have her give you ideas on how it will work for her. She knows more about her breasts than anyone else. I’ll give you some techniques on her breasts that she may not know. If you put the combination of knowledge and techniques together you will have a winner!

2nd Problem. Not getting her excited.

She needs to not only know about your plan to give her breast orgasms but she has to be excited to do it. Women can mentally decide not to have orgasms and find that they are successful in that.

You need to start early, several days before, and send her notes, gifts, texts, and little messages that will get her excited.

I’ve had friends and they showed me the texts that they had received. They were very seductive. It made a big difference to my friend because she felt wanted, desired, and loved.

She also felt very hot.

3rd Problem. Not using the right breast orgasm techniques!

Once you get with your lady you must totally show her your love and respect. Start at her brain and get her turned on with words and touch. Make sure that you have a great make out session.

Don’t start down to her breasts until she asks for it or puts your hands there. That is a big key!

Once you touch her breasts start slowly. Barely touch her breasts without touching her nipples. Make her ache for you to touch her nipples.

Barely graze her nipple. Make her jerk toward your finger or tongue.

Lick the tip of her nipple and retreat. Then slowly and lightly lick it.

Now suck it gently. Without hurting her, start a great sucking action. Increase it until you are sucking her nipple and breast into your mouth as much as you can and as fast as you can. This action will take her over the edge.


Source by Rachel LaDue