How to Give Your Girlfriend the Most Awesome Orgasm EVER



Before We Begin

This is for those of you that want to give their girlfriends an incredibly awesome orgasm. Not just a good, great, or even fantastic one, but one that she will be thinking about for the next year.

Obviously, this title assumes you can give your girlfriend an orgasm. In fact, for the context of this article, you really need to know how to give your girlfriend orgasms fairly regularly, and consistently.

What Is an “Amazing Orgasm”?

Simply put, an amazing orgasm is a really, really intense orgasm that a girl just cannot NOT love. When she experiences it, her whole body will shake, she’ll probably scream out, and if she’s a squirter it’s highly possible that she’ll do that too.

What it is NOT – this orgasm is very powerful, but is largely triggered by her physical and mental (and emotional, and possibly spiritual) senses working together to produce something larger than the sum of its parts. It’s not triggered by use of any one specific type of stimulation (such as clitoral, vaginal, or G-Spot) and its not triggered by any particular techniques.

Doing the Prep Work to Ensure Success

Like most good sexual experiences, the key here is to lay the groundwork to ensure that this kind of orgasm is actually capable of happening to your girlfriend. To ensure this kind of environment, first we need to make sure that the appropriate preparation is handled to maximise your chances of success. For the ease of reference, I’ve labeled these as numerical steps, as follows.

  1. She must trust you a LOT. Basically you have to really put her at ease and let her know that nothing bad is going to happen. Talk to her and let her know that if she says stop, you’ll stop. Explain to her that it’s entirely possible she will be experiencing an amazing amount of pleasure, and that sometimes the brain mistakes all this pleasure for pain. The good news is once she “conquers” this feeling she will be able to have the most crazy orgasms ever, and it is only a slight possibility – however, better to be prepared.
  2. She has to be open and willing to allow herself to have this kind of pleasure. A lot of girls “hold back” from these intense orgasms because they are scared of how they look or act while they’re having them. I know it’s silly, but again, you need to reassure her that you don’t care what she does. Let her know it would really make your day (and get you off, if appropriate) to see her experience that kind of pleasure and you’re really looking forward to it. However, make sure she’s not hung up on achieving the orgasm, because that’s the fastest way to kill your chances. Like any other sexual experience, you just have to enjoy the ride and not worry about whether or not that “Big Big BIG O” actually happens. Even when you do everything right, sometimes it just won’t, so be prepared for that.
  3. You need to be fairly knowledgeable on what her turn-ons and turn-offs are. To achieve this orgasm, you’re going to be sending her multiple stimuli all at once. So in addition to fingering her or going down on her or having sex with her or whatever, you’re also going to be kissing her, licking her, caressing her, talking dirty to her, painting scenarios in her mind, and so on. We will go into more detail on this later on, so don’t worry about the specifics for now.

Making It Happen

So, if you’ve done all your prep work correctly, you’ve got a really good chance of making this happen. As those of you familiar with my other work may expect, the “hard work” is in the preparation. If you’ve done that correctly then this part really plays itself out.

Assuming you’ve built sexual tension correctly, she should be extremely aroused before you even get into the bedroom. The next step is the light foreplay. Make sure you really, really drag it out – the key to this orgasm is making her more aroused than she’s ever been before.

Once she’s really, really, really aroused, you’re going to start giving her orgasms. Again, the key to this amazing orgasm she’s about to have is baby steps. You don’t try and make her first orgasm the big one. Start out by just giving her fairly bearable orgasms, working into more intense ones, multiples, and so on. When she’s come a few times and is really getting into the swing of things, THEN you can pull out the moves to bring on the BIG BIG BIG O.

Remember how I told you before that you needed to know her likes and dislikes? This is where you put it all together. Start off by either fingering her, cunnalingus, “sixty-nine-ing”, or having sex in her favorite position.

The way I teach people about this, is that this kind of orgasm is like a pizza. Her favorite sexual activity/position is the base, and now you’re going to add the toppings as well.

If she likes her earlobes being nibbled on, do that. If roleplay is her thing, go for it. Talk dirty to her and get her even more worked up. If she likes having her nipples tweaked or her neck bitten go for it. Do whatever you can to send her wild.

The key here is that while you’re doing all that other stuff, you can’t stop doing your base activity. In addition your “base” has to be very strong, meaning a lot of stimulation. To put it in layman’s terms – the main sexual stimulation has to be fairly intense.

All going well, while you do this she will start to feel an orgasm build, or at least it will feel really, really good. Don’t back off yet. The minute you slow down you give her time to have an orgasm. It’s entirely possible she will orgasm more than once while you’re doing this – that’s fine. It will all build towards this tidal wave of an orgasm that we are creating.

If she says she feels like she needs to pee, she probably doesn’t. Just tell her to breathe deep and “push past” the feeling. Once she does, she will have the most massive orgasm ever and she probably won’t have this problem ever again.

One last tip to finish – I have found that when you want her to have this massive orgasm, you should tell her verbally. The “command” can be somewhat of a trigger to allow her to have this massive orgasm, so make sure you try using it.

If all goes well, your girlfriend will have just had the most awesome orgasm ever – and she’s only got you to thank for it. Just don’t be too surprised when she tells you she wants another one – those things are addictive.


Source by Daniel Scott