How To Make A Girl Experience EXPLOSIVE Orgasms! This Will Make Her Hungry For Your Sex!



Would you like to make your girl experience explosive orgasms? Do you want to make her crave you for sex? If so, look no further. I’m about to reveal to you the secret strategies to give your girl EXPLOSIVE orgasms. She will start moaning your name and will become addicted to you as soon as you give her those orgasms.

Here are the secret strategies to make a girl experience explosive orgasms…

Be tough – Don’t go easy on her. Women don’t like men who are easy on her. They want men who can dominate them in bed throughout. Be forceful in whatever you do with her while having sex. If she’s misbehaving, go and spank her ass until she behaves. Tell her which sexual position you have to do. This will stimulate her on a deeper level and get her ready for truly explosive orgasms. So if you want to stimulate her, become more dominant in bed.

Dirty talk – Dirty talking is another key way to make her aroused fast. If you talk dirty to her while kissing her sensually, it will make her feel massive amounts of excitement. The more excitement she feels, the more aroused she is. So keep arousing her with the help of dirty talk.

Blind fold her –Another thing you can do is to not let her know what you are doing. For that, you’ll have to blind fold her. Having her blind folded will make her continually wonder what you are up to. She will be quivering in anticipation and when you use your techniques, she will start screaming because of the explosive orgasms.

Stimulate her HOT Spots – Getting a woman to orgasm also requires you to stimulate her HOT spots. There are certain hot spots in a woman’s body where she is stimulated by touch. Sucking and kissing her nipples is one sure way to stimulate her and have her aroused.

Find the Ultimate Spot – The ultimate spot in a woman’s body which when stimulated will make her orgasm and scream your name in ecstasy is called The G-spot. It is located in the upper wall of the vagina. You can’t stimulate it with the help your penis.

You need to use your finger. Put your finger in and move it slowly. When her breathing becomes hard, it’s because of the stimulation of the G-spot. Now go a step further and put your tongue in. Curl your tongue and stimulate the spot even further. Get her super excited for the orgasm.


Source by James D. Gonzalez