How to Make Saggy Breasts Fuller: Stop the Saggy and Get Perky and Full Breasts



Sagging is an inevitable process that happens to women’s at some stage. Main cause of sagging is gravity, gravity pulls down the breast and ligaments in skin stretch makes the boobs to droop. The drooping of boobs depends upon elasticity of skin. Different women have different skin elasticity so have different type of drooping. Second cause is breast involution, in this process the milk making system inside the breasts shrinks and not remain active at some stage, the woman’s who never breast feeds their child will have the maximum drooping effect. Drooping effect can be minimized by certain procedures that we will discuss in this article.

Wear supportive bra: bra maintains the drooping breasts. So a woman should wear bra to avoid sagging. The main reason of wearing bra is those bra straps covers the breast and keep them in place so that ligaments present would not be able to do anything like stretching because ligaments become active when breast are in motion. A sportswoman should always wear a bra to avoid sagging because in sport upper portion of woman are in vibrant motion. Wearing a bra becomes the reason to make your breast firm.

Pushups: this is the misconception in woman’s mind that pushups make their breasts tones like men Pecs. Pushups doesn’t make breast like men chest it will only tighten the boobs and give them shape. So don’t worry about the pushups phobia. If you can’t do that in proper way there is another way of doing the same. Stand against in front of wall approximate 2 feet away. Press the wall with your both hands and then release your all weights on hands slowly and then move towards the wall with all weight of body on your hand and then move backwards. Do this 7 or 8 times.

Weight lifting: weight lifting also avoids drooping. If you have never lifted weight before, then start with the small weights. Most women start weight lifting with 10 lb dumbbells. But she should start with the 5 lb or less and repetition of lifting the dumbbells should be increased. Repetitions are more helpful than increasing weight to prevent shagging.

Bench Press: Bench press is the best exercise to lift your breasts higher. No one other exercise is better than this. Woman can do it on incline, decline or flat benches with dumbbells. Precautions should be take care while doing bench press on decline. There should be support to the legs otherwise you will slip down and the line of dumbbells that you are moving up and down should be matched with you nipples line.


Source by Jenn Watson