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Fatloss4Idiots is a well known programme that offers users and those viewing the site the chance to find out how to lose 9 pounds in 11 days. That is what they think is feasible on this plan, and is something that attracts many people. After all, many of us decided to diet for a special occasion as this gives us the inspiration to actually do something, and Fatloss4Idiots allows you to lose weight in this short time scale.

However, it is all very well and good being able to lose the weight. But what about keeping it off for the long run? Can you possibly keep losing weight with the programme, and make sure that it stays off when the diet stops? Well, yes and no is the answer.

The truth is that losing 9 pounds in 11 days is not something that is sustainable; weight loss will slow whether you like it or not because that is just how the body works. Fatloss4Idiots is great for making sure that the weight does keep coming off as it uses ‘calorie shifting’ which means your metabolism does not slow and stop your weight loss as is the case in most other diets. In this aspect Fatlss4Idiots does work as it keeps you losing the weight. The rate is just not that fast.

Many diets though see people come to a complete standstill and plateau until they give up and put on the weight again. Fatloss4Idiots is not guilty of this.

If you approach this as a normal diet which you use for a while and then stop completely then it will not work to make you lose weight permanently. You cannot expect weight to stay off if you switch back to the routine that meant you were gaining it in the first place. What does work is if, after you are happy with the amount you have lost, you stop the diet but continue a healthy plan.

Using a balanced diet and exercise afterwards will mean that the weight will not creep back as this is not the type of lifestyle that got you lumbered with the extra weight in the first place.

Fatloss4Idiots does work in the long term as it teaches you to eat in a good way. By showing you good tips on how to continue a good lifestyle that will make you lose weight, you can take these on with you when you stop dieting. Then, if any weight does come back, you can implement a few of the fat burning techniques before a lot is gained.

By teaching a healthy approach this is a diet that has potential to make sure that it works in the long run. It is not just another fad or scam.

Although you may not be able to keep up with the maximum weight loss they hope you will see, you will nevertheless lose some weight at a slower and steadier pace. This allows you to develop your own routine which you can use to stay slim in the future too.


Source by Balajiee Sampath