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Are you interested in finding an all inclusive training program that will give you the explosive strength and coiled speed you need to fold your opponents up like a pretzel?

As a wrestler, you understand that you are in the single most intensive and grueling contact sport on the planet and also the one which is most injury prone. Considering that, surely you may be wondering if Kettlebell Training will arm you with the speed, flexibility and power that you can actually apply when you are on the mat and grappling with your opponent.

The following information will help you to determine how Kettlebell Training might be just what you have been looking for.

Real World Application Makes All the Difference

You know how it is, you are down to the last thirty seconds of the match and one more takedown away from winning. However, your body is worn out and you are saving your last burst of energy for the very end. Are you going to be able to explode into that super double leg or fireman’s carry to send your opponent sprawling to the mat for a strong finish?

Well, one thing is for sure: All of those hours in the gym and out running, swimming or jumping rope mean nothing unless you can use that strength, speed, and stamina when it REALLY counts. Anyone who has done any kind of wrestling: freestyle, Greco Roman or Scholastic style, knows that the muscles you build in the gym can be just about worthless on the mat.

That is, unless you develop a training program which is specifically designed for your application as a wrestler. Sure you could spar with the guy one weight class up all summer and work on developing the strength that you need that way. However, if you are looking for a more convenient method to develop ‘on the mat’ muscles on a consistent basis; you are going to need a more focused and practical option.

The Best of Both Worlds

For years, Kettlebell Training experts have training members of the elite forces of the military, professional fighters like yourself, law enforcement officers, firefighters and other athletes to develop the stamina, agility and raw power that they can specifically apply for their situation.

With Kettlebell Training, these people have found that you can get the best of both worlds when it comes to training for stamina and flexibility as well as speed and power. This is because Kettlebells are lifted and controlled in the same manner that free weights are but they also allow for a much freer range of motion which promotes flexibility and a more well rounded resistance training for strength.

As you know, these are things that make a world of difference when you are on the mat. Whether you need the flexibility and strength to fight your way out of a cradle lock or to seal your opponent up into a bone crushing guillotine, it’s all a matter of applying the right kind of resistance training.

Finding the Best Fit

As you are considering getting started in harnessing the power of Kettlebell Training, it is important to consider your goals as you are looking for a workout to get you the best results. Are you looking to build solid coiled muscles while shrinking down a weight class or are you in a heavier class looking for the raw speed and flexibility that will give you and unfair upper hand?

Determining this will help you to select the best Kettlebell Training program to best fit your desired outcome. For starters, your first Kettlebell set may include a 35lb, 53lb and 70lb kettlebells. This will help you to cover most of your options for strength training and cardio and will be plenty enough to address each muscle group.

The next step is getting a hold of the most specifically tailored program that can deliver you the results you want and help you to avoid time wasting injuries. Fortunately, Kettlebell Training experts have spent years developing programs which can give you just what you are looking for.


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