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Collecting a tropical fish is a delight for fish enthusiasts and professional breeders especially when they see their pets swimming around the pond or an aquarium. Like any other fish enthusiasts, Japanese Koi enthusiasts feels the same way, seeing their koi fish swimming around their koi pond gives them the relaxation that they need after a long and tiring day at work. Aside from being a stress reliever, koi fish can be beneficial to professional breeders since koi fish can produce a lot of baby koi, thus giving them more potential of making money if they intend to sell it.

Koi breeding is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience in doing it. It is quite hard to select breeding partners to get the result that they want especially on how the baby koi may result into. Spawning, is the term used in breeding the baby koi, and it takes time to learn the art of doing this. Since the breeding period of koi fish depend on their metabolism and appetite, ideally, it is best to have them mate during the summer or from the months of April to July.

Here are some tips that you may want to try if you intend to go into koi fish breeding.

· Research and Consult the professional- do extensive research and planning before conducting the breeding. Since the color combination, scales and patterns of baby koi may entirely depend on the combination parents, better ask and consult professionals for better results. This will not only save your time but as money as well and you will be sure that the offspring that your koi parents is what you really wanted to begin with.

· Quality breeding pond- before getting your fish ready into mating, make sure that you have the best quality of pond water with high quality of pH level, good water oxygenation and filtration as these will play a big factor in your breeding success. It is also advised to separate the mating fish from the other fish as this may cause confusion. Moreover, put something into the water that the female koi can use to lay her eggs into such as underwater plant or other materials that are viable for the eggs to be safe when they are hatched.

· Pick out the koi variety you want to breed- get the best and healthiest koi available in your pond. Try breeding a female koi with two male koi as this yields better results and most number of eggs.

· Isolate the eggs- isolate the eggs from their parents to prevent cannibalism. It is best to take this kind of precaution to ensure that the eggs are safe.

These are some of the tips that you might need in your koi fish breeding. It may take some time to get everything right. Just make sure that when you do it, do it with constant care and precision so you can get your desired baby koi fish.


Source by John C Hill