Laryngitis Home Remedies



Laryngitis may be caused by infection or over use of the vocal chords. Infectious causes are too often treated with antibiotics which do more harm than good in most cases and would be better replaced with much more effective laryngitis home remedies.

So what is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx, which basically means an inflammation of the vocal chords. You know you have it when you lose your voice.

What Causes Inflammation Of The Vocal Chords?

Inflammation can be caused by overuse of your voice – or by infection or in very rare cases by a growth on the chords. You will usually know if you have been shouting, laughing or singing a great deal – at a rock concert for example or perhaps a football game – or even a birthday party or comedy show – its likely you have over strained your vocal chords and caused them to swell up.

On the other hand if you feel unwell or have an upper respiratory tract infection (a cold) then its likely the inflammation is caused by the same infection.

What’s The Best Treatment For Laryngitis?

The first step is to rest your vocal chords completely by not speaking at all or by whispering when you need to communicate rather than speaking out loud.

Next, nearly all infectious cases of laryngitis are caused viruses rather than by bacteria. So taking antibiotics is not only a waste of time and money – since antibiotics only kill bacteria – but could also be harmful to your body.

Not only is it possible to get allergic reactions and side effects when you take any form of medication, but taking antibiotics can also kill off the ‘good bugs’ in your body or affect the pH balance – resulting in new problems such as an over growth of Candida (thrush) for example. So it is generally best to avoid antibiotics if you or your child have laryngitis – for all these reasons.

What Alternatives Are Available In Terms of Laryngitis Home Remedies?

First you could simply choose to have natural healing or energy healing with a natural healer. Or use energy healing yourself in the form of tapping. If you’ve never used EFT you’ll find plenty of video instructions on YouTube.

But if you want something that you can see to use physically, then the best, fastest, easiest and most effective home remedy I have found for laryngitis in this form is hydrogen peroxide.

It’s best to use the hydrogen peroxide as a gargle and as a steam inhalation. The gargle will act on the virus in your mouth and throat and the inhalation will get right to the vocal chords which are beyond the reach of the gargle.

You must be careful to use no more than a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. You can buy a solution specifically for gargle or mouth wash, or for other uses you can buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and dilute down to 3% yourself.

For the inhalation – add some 3% hydrogen peroxide to a bowl of steaming hot water and then cover your head with a towel over the bowl and breath in gently.

You can also leave a bowl of water containing hydrogen peroxide – again no more than a 3% solution – beside your bed to help relieve symptoms of laryngitis as you sleep.

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Source by Dr Anne Curtis