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Reviews for any weight loss or muscle building supplement are easy to find online; Calorad reviews are no exception. As one would expect, reviews are mixed. Never the less, for a product that has been available for nearly 30 years, the pro reviews outweigh the cons.


It would be astonishing if there wasn’t a single negative thing said about Calorad. There are the usual gripers who didn’t follow the program and therefore didn’t achieve the results they wanted. Of course, some of the reviews suggest that any weight loss or muscle building is the result of other factors, and perhaps that is to some degree correct.

On the other hand, if taking Calorad helps you to stick to a reasonable method of eating and exercising, then it is hard to argue that it works, even if the specifics vary a bit.

The Up Side

The website for Calorad is filled with positive reviews provided by regular clients who have used the product with success. The basis behind the program is that it provides you with essential protein in the form of collagen which is broken down for easy digestion and absorption. When you take the supplement and how much is all part of the program instructions.

The goal of Calorad is to provide the body with the protein it needs to build additional lean muscle while still allowing it to lose fat. Lean protein is one of the components recommended to people who are trying to lose weight because it increases their weight loss rate and helps keep them feeling full longer. Calorad is said to be more effective because the protein is made available in the form of amino acids which are absorbed and used more quickly than regular meat-based sources.

How do you Know Who to Believe?

This is the real challenge with any online review. Anyone and everyone can post a review of a product, whether they have tried it or not. They can leave “flames” about a competing product and kudos for one they support. It makes it very difficult for the average individual to know what to believe.

Your first task is to figure out who wrote the review. You should be equally suspicious of both extremely negative and overly positive reviews. Try to find forums that discuss weight loss and ask around to find out if anyone else has used a product you are considering. Chances are that someone has and is more than willing to give you an earful about it.

Once you get past that stage, call the company and ask them if they have any testimonials on file that they can share with you. Is the individual selling the product someone who has actually used it? Did it work for them? How long did it take? Try to get as many questions answered as possible before you commit to a sale.

Does all this mean that Calorad reviews are inaccurate? Not at all, just consider some of them with a grain of salt before you try out one of the most effective weight loss and muscle building products out there. Your own experience will bear out the truth.


Source by Kyle Sugerak