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There are many diet programs that makes you want to lose your weight drastically. But these types of diets are also very risky for your health. The 2468 Diet is an example of lose weight quick programs. It is intended for people who want to lose weight instantaneously.

How does this diet works?

The number 2468 represents the amount of calories that you will have to take within 4 days. On the first day you will be instructed to eat 200 calories, 400 calories on day two, 600 calories on day three, and 800 calories on day four. The process is repeated depending upon your preference.

Other variation on the 2468 includes 0246, 020406 and 02040608, but the original 2468 diet is the most successful. Upon repeating the process, the drop from 800 calories to 200 calories will boost your metabolism and will cause a radical weight loss in your body. On average, a person should be able to lose 10 pounds per month with this diet.

Truth is that, all the weight you happen to lose overnight is only water weight or muscle weight and not the fats.

Restricting the amount of calorie consumption can be very dangerous and may cause an eating disorder in the long run. The amount of calories prescribed in this diet is within the starvation range which causes muscle weight loss, lack of vitamins and minerals, and binge eating as your brain craves for high-calorie foods.

Normally, when you restrict your calorie intake within the starvation range your metabolism slows significantly. The process of slowing down the metabolism is a natural reaction of your body so that your body can use the calories efficiently. However, the 2468 Diet tricks your metabolism that your metabolism is still high and in effect you continue to lose weight. In reality you are just increasing the chances of organ failure and endangering your body weight.

The safest way to get your desired weight loss is not by curbing your calorie intake but rather by providing your body with the proper amount of nutrients it needs.


Source by Cecilia Rodriguez