Make Her Experience Electrifying Orgasms! Here’s How To Give Her Orgasms She’s Never Experienced!



Do you want to make your woman experience truly electrifying orgasms? Do you want to make sure that the sex you have with her is never forgotten by her? Would you like to have her craving you for more sex? If you can give a woman truly electrifying sex that she’s never dreamed off, she will be addicted to you. You will be a true magnet for her.

Women are addicted to sex more than men. They care about sexual pleasures more than men do. But they’ve just been hypocrites. If you want to keep her addicted to you, you need to give her electrifying orgasms.

Here are ultra rare tricks to make her experience electrifying orgasms…

Be dominant – Women don’t like to dominate during sex. They like to feel dominated. They want to be submissive in bed. That’s how women are. They enjoy the most when they are dominated by their men in bed. So act powerful and commanding. You need to change your frame of mind. You need to be the master and her disciple. This is very important if you want to give her unforgettable orgasms.

Explore her body Exploring her body is crucial if you want to give her electrifying orgasms. There are sensitive points in her body which will stimulate her and get her ready to experience the orgasm. Kiss the most sensitive parts in a woman’s body.

There are lots of sensitive parts. Explore her and see which is most sensitive to her. A few sensitive points in a woman’s body are: her nipples, her navel, her thighs, her genitals, and her neck.

Play around – Before you even insert your penis in, you need to lubricate her vagina for it. For that, you can use your fingers and tongue. This will really make her feel excited. Put your finger in and move it around inside her vagina in slow motion. Turn your finger in a circular motion. When she begins to gasp for breath, you’ve found the G-spot. Stimulate the part a little more. That’s how you make her ready.

Change sexual positions – Changing sexual positions often is crucial if you want to make her experience electrifying orgasms. Keep changing the position every few minutes. Try out different positions she’s never tried before. Teach her new things about sex. Remember, you are the experienced master. You need to tell her what to do. So make her change the position even if she doesn’t feel like doing it.


Source by James D. Gonzalez