Male Pleasure Sex Positions – Supercharge Your Orgasmic Pleasure – Guaranteed!



In today’s article, you are going to find out two male pleasure sex positions:

#1. Inverted Rear Entry Position: also known as Stargazer position, it is a variation of regular Rear Entry pose. It makes fabulous love as it allows deep penetration and enables you to last as long as desired. Here’s how: you lie on your back and bend knees slightly. Spread your legs so they form an “L” shape. Then, she sits on top of you facing your feet and slowly bends backward against your chest. Next, she inserts your penis into vagina. You then proceed to move your hips in up and down motion.

Tip: This position sets your hands free to stimulate her hot spots like clitoris and nipples. Be sure to stroke these areas to supercharge her pleasure. As well, you can put a big cushion under your buttock for leverage and support.

#2. Full Mast Position: You’ll need a kitchen table or tabletop for this erotic position. Have her to sit near the edge with her legs astride your waist. You stand straight in between her legs, and thrust back and forth. To add special orgasmic spin to the position, have her to lean backward slightly to allow deep penetration.

Tip: when you are about to climax, have her to squeeze her thighs and PC muscle. The tension tightens the vaginal canal, thus resulting in explosive orgasms for both of you.

#3. Cowgirl position: it is one of the tested male pleasure sex position. It makes fabulous love as it triggers maximum stimulation and penetration. In addition, it turns you on quickly as you have full view of her sexy body. While she is busy thrusting, use your hands to support her waist and hips to maintain stability.


Source by Ian Lee