My First Patient



Since I was a child I wanted to become a doctor. I often used to imagine the scene when I will check my first patient that day particularly that moment will be very special for me. It will be that instance for which I have longed all my life. I wanted it to be perfect just like I will be wearing doctor’s white coat and will be seated gracefully on a handsome chair my patient will come to me I will greet him warmly with a smile and ask him about his problem he will tell me his symptoms I will listen to him with patience and full concentration than carefully I will make my diagnoses and will prescribe treatment to him. The patient will leave fully satisfied and impressed.

After so many years of toil and hard work that day finally came but in a way in which I least expected things to happen. It was the first day of my 2nd year of medical education we had heard that 2nd year is fully concerned with clinical practice but I thought teachers are not going to let us deal with patients on the very first day there will just be an orientation ceremony and then we will be free. So I dressed properly and left for the hospital when I was at the entrance gate I realised that I have left my over all( white coat) in haste at home I thought it`s not a big deal I will not be needing it today. I reached my class room our teacher came and delivered his speech which was more like a warning that our any kind of irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated and we will have to suffer the consequences. The welcome which our teacher gave us was good enough to freeze blood in my vessels but it seems that my teacher was not satisfied with that alone so to my great surprise he announced that all students have been assigned duties in different wards and they have to report in their wards in half an hour. So to my great disappointment I was going to see my first ever patient without my overall, my perfect moment was already spoiled even before it started. But I cheered up my self that finally I will examine a patient it in itself will be a pleasure for me after all this is something I always wanted to do. My duty was in the Ophthalmology department in the refraction room at the auto refraction machine.

My seniors were present to guide me but the problem was that the room was already full of patients waiting for their turns with every passing second they were getting restless and impatient some women were speaking loudly arguing with the staff that there are in hurry so they should be checked first as they cannot wait for their turn. I was very much confused and puzzled all at once I had to check the patients deal with the restless ladies and crying children have to guess what the patient was saying in all this noise there was no handsome chair, no calm and quiet atmosphere no white coat instead there was an old stool, me the auto refraction machine and a group of restless people. At the end of the day I was so tired that after coming back home I immediately went to sleep when I woke up after a couple of hour, s It seemed to me that I spent my day in a fish market not in a hospital. I tried hard but was unable to recall who was my first patient a male or female a child or an elderly person I had examined so many patients in a tensed and busy environment that I completely forgot. A lot of faces were coming to mind but I was not sure that of them who was the one I checked first of all.

So my perfect moment came in a very imperfect manner and it passed away. Well I guess this is life things happen in unexpected ways and we have to live with all that but I think all this makes our life worth living.


Source by Momina Habib Butt