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meta reviews 28 Here’s our top pick for men’s anti-perspirant. Photo by Jack Black

No matter how well-dressed, well-mannered, well-spoken and handsome a man might be, if he has stains under his arms —  they are hard to ignore, especially if they’re still fresh.

Yes, a deodorant can help mask the odor, but those products won’t help the heavy sweaters. They need something that stops the sweating; a layer of fragrance is pointless.

An antiperspirant is designed to keep underarms fresh and dry all day. But finding one that works without requiring skipping a mortgage payment to pay for it can be tricky.

We believe we’ve found the product that addresses both issues — the Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Both a powerful deodorant and antiperspirant, this stick goes on clear, so there’ll be no white stains or marks on your shirt, even if it’s black. The non-irritating formula contains aluminum, vitamin E, and soothing aloe leaf juice in order to neutralize any wet, and without stopping the body’s natural sweat cycles. In other words, it helps minimize bacterial growth without actually turning your underarm into a  bone-dry rock face. And like all the brand’s offerings, Pit Boss is dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free and contains no parabens or harsh chemicals.

The product has a 4.5 rating, with rave reviews for stopping the excessive sweating and hence those untidy marks. The formula is also safe for men with sensitive skin, according to the reviews. Reviewers noted that the clean and “manly” smell is not overpowering; they like its ease of application and; they like the price tag.

For all these reasons, the Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant Deodorant receives our top recommendation as the best antiperspirant for those who especially need it.

Article medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN.
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