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meta reviews 27 Our favorite pick for video game you can enjoy with your 7-year-old. Photo by Nintendo

You’ve sat through “Frozen II” a dozen times and already binged “Paw Patrol.” You love your child,  but there must be something much more interactive and fun you can do together. 

Enter video games. The tricky part however, is finding one that can help improve a child’s problem-solving skills, develop creativity, and allows you to get onboard. 

You won’t have to look far, as Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch can deliver. Rated for children 10 and older, at least one rating site says it is fine for children 7 and up.

This is the newest title in a game franchise we’re sure you’re familiar with.  Now honed for a younger audience, Super Mario Odyssey has the famous plumber saving Princess Peach with the help of his talking cap,  Cappy. This version combines platforming puzzles with an open-world setting. But the game really shines through with its Assist mode, because this mode makes it difficult for a child  to lose. Each level has a marker that leads the player to the objective, helping younger players complete each task easier. And when wanted or need, you can always step in to help via co-op mode, where one player plays the plumber and the other his magical cap.

The game has rave reviews and nearly a 5-star rating. Parents and gamers alike have praised it for being challenging yet accessible for younger players, while others wrote that it carries the family-friendly fun the franchise is known for. And while the game itself can be pricey for some, the quality and replayability, especially for tots, more than make up for it.

And so, Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch is our choice of videogame for youngsters, one that we feel will deliver great bonding moments. 

Article medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN.
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