Outlook Not Displaying Images- Here’s How to Fix

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If we talk about the best email service, the first that comes to our mind is Outlook. It is the most used email client, mainly for professional use. Since Outlook email allows sending and receiving emails with the attachments such as images, pdf, documents, and other files. But somehow, Outlook not displaying images that are attached to the emails. It can be due to improper configuration of the Outlook and many other reasons. If this issue also makes you uncomfortable, read this blog till the end to get the solutions that can help you fix the same. 


Why is Outlook not Displaying Images?

Following are some reasons which can tell why your Outlook not showing images in your emails.


  1. Due to the poor internet connection.
  2. Improper configuration of Outlook.
  3. When your storage gets full.
  4. When the picture format is not supported.
  5. Your system antivirus blocks access to the image files.
  6. Incorrect attachment to the file. 


Resolve Outlook Not Displaying Images Issue

When you cannot see images in Outlook emails, perform the given steps to fix the issue easily. Here’s how:


Solution 1: Unblock Images for Specific Emails

It is a security breach where Outlook blocks the downloading of images. If your sender is genuine, then you can easily download images from a particular email.


  1. Open Outlook and move to Infobar 
  2. Then, hit on the Click Here to Download Images from the top.
  3. Now, your images are automatically saved.


Solution 2: Unblock Images for Multiple Emails

Note: This solution of fixing Outlook not displaying images is for Outlook 2010, 13, and 16 versions.


  1. Firstly, access Outlook and tap on File.
  2. Then choose Options.
  3. Click on Trust Center>>Trust Center Settings.
  4. Now, click on Automatic Download and unmark the “Don’t download images automatically in Standard HTML e-mail messages or RSS items” checkbox.
  5. Click on OK to save changes. 
  6. Outlook will begin to download images for display.


For Outlook 2007 version 

  1. Go to the Tools and click on Trust Center.
  2. Click on Automatic Download
  3. Now, unmark the “Don’t download images automatically in Standard HTML e-mail messages or RSS items” checkbox


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Solution 3: Disable Antivirus 

  1. Firstly click on Start and search for Windows Security.
  2. Now, click on Windows Security app to choose Virus &Threat Protection.
  3. Select Manage Settings.
  4. Switch Off the Real-Time Protection option.


Solution 4: Fix Outlook Web


  1. Open Outlook sign-in website page and sign into it.
  2. Then, click on the Settings option and access Outlook settings.
  3. Now, click on Mail>>Open Layout Settings.
  4.  Here, scroll down to pick Show Attachments in the message option.
  5. Lastly, close the menu, and restart Outlook.
  6. After restarting, you can see the images. 



If your Outlook not displaying images, then you can use the above-stated solutions to see the images. Always recheck whether the sender attaches the images to the email or not. If not, then contact them and ask them to resend the images. If somehow your Outlook is still not showing images in your email, contact the Email experts. They will assist you in perfectly fixing your problem. Thank You!

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