P90X Does It Work? Day 45 (Middle of Phase 2) Review | Nutrition Fit



Back in the summer of 2007, if you ever asked me to go out for a walk with the kids, my answer would have been, let’s stay inside because I did not want to sweat. Fast-forward to today I have completed my 4thMarathon this past January 2011. Again, I must have watched Tony Horton and the P90X infomercial hundreds of times, and now my wife and I are halfway done! I am so astonished with the results we are seeing, and I smile when I look over to see my wife sweating and keeping up with the workout. She might encourage me to get lower or say, “Bring it!”

We are in the middle of Phase 2 routine that begins with Weeks 5 through 7. The program begins with Day 1-Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, and Ab Ripper X Day 2-Plyometrics, Day 3-Back & Biceps, and Ab Ripper X, Day 4-Yoga X, Day 5-Legs & Back, and Ab Ripper X Day 6-Kempo X, Day 7-Rest or we like to do X Stretch.

Of course you can start Day 1 on any day, you just need to determine which day you want to have off, and for Irene and I, Monday seems to be the busiest of the week with work and kids stuff.

Some of you might have put in a less than impressive effort or you were still learning the moves. For others, some may have fallen ill to the flu this season. Like most people you might be just plain busy. You might be asking, is it alright to extend a phase. You can most definitely extend a phase, however phase extension should be no longer than 6 weeks because you will see better results with you change things up on a regular basis. Remember Muscle Confusion is where you will see the results.

Overall, I am still getting stronger, adding a little heavier dumbbells or reps in each program. In fact I was able to do a few pull ups without a chair. After a 6 weeks of repeating the moves. I am mastering how to do the moves which has helped us complete each section with limited pauses. Basically I am doing my best and forgetting the rest!

Then on to Week 8 for Recovery and Ab Focus, where focus will be on the midsection as if Ab Ripper X wasn’t enough. After, 53 days into P90X you should be comfortable with the exercises and will be ready to hit the rest of the program in the next phase.

Week 8’s routine begins with Day 1-Yoga X; Day 2-Core Synergistics; Day 3- Kempo X; Day 4-X Stretch; Day 5-Core Synergistics; Day 6-Yoga X; Day 7-Rest of X Stretch

The nutrition in this Phase is called Energy Booster adding more Carbohydrates to provide enough energy based on the workouts. Included in the meals are now oatmeal, bagels, muffins, waffles and pancakes. Just remember, everything is modifiable, and remember the nutrition is a key component of the program.


Source by Noah Lam