Prejudices And Misconceptions Of Overweight People | Nutrition Fit



It is hard to win the struggle against excess weight if you do not possess the sufficient information on your “opponent”. But it is almost impossible to find a beautiful figure, being guided on well-wishers’ advices: whether it be the old girlfriend or the neighbor-fellow traveler in a train. Narrow-minded representations about the reasons of obesity carry the set of mutually exclusive recommendations. As a result it is too easy to get confused and disappointed.

Here are the most widespread myths and misconceptions.

I have got a power, I have got a will, but I haven’t got a will-power

Perhaps, the main charge, shown to “fat men”, is that they do not have will power to stop eating! Sounds like all slim people have “iron character”, and all fat men are weak-willed and spineless; and they cannot control their eating with their own efforts, therefore it is necessary to search for the means directed on appetite suppression. At the same time it is scientifically proved that as a rule, fat people don’t always eat more than slim ones.

Well, I have got such metabolism

“I cannot lose weight because I’ve got slack metabolism” – an idea which very seems pleasant to many fat people who are inclined to a complacent fatalism. Often such thoughts are compensation for the unwillingness to make at least minor efforts for weight loss. In reality, slowed-down metabolism is a disease of people with underactive thyroid gland. Only an endocrinologist can make such diagnosis, usually by means of special analyses can only. The self-diagnostics can turn wrong.

We cannot choose our parents

The overweight people are often are believe that obesity was inherited to them by their corpulent parents, and is really an inevitable “evil”. Therefore, the treatment of excess weight is pointless, as they believe. You cannot cheat the nature “, – they argue, eating the next roll. Actually, genetic predisposition to thickness is proved by nobody. But researchers noticed that if adoptive child is taken into a family of overweight men, who doesn’t suffer from excess weight, in a while he too will get fat. Here is a conclusion: struggling against your excess weight, change your life style, your nutrition system – and you will change yourself!


The majority of people suffering from excess weight prefer to be engaged in self-treatment. Recommendations of the doctors are considered equal with girlfriend’s advices. It is necessary to understand that the problem of excess weight is not too harmless. You don’t not ask the neighbor how to cure the broken leg, do you? Giving away your health in others’ hands – it is simply precipitate!

If I quit smoking – I’ll get fat

“I’d be glad to quit, but I am afraid to get fat” – an excuse widespread enough. Really, nicotine is anorexic – the substance reducing appetite. Smokers know that a cigarette smoked before meal muffles their appetite. When a person quits smoking, the organism asks for some “compensation” for refusal of cigarettes: it would be desirable to suck at some sweets. Thus, refusal of smoking entails the increase of appetite. But refusal of cigarettes itself does not lead to weight gain or any metabolic shifts in organism. If one habit changes another and the person starts to gain weight, half an hour of jogging in the morning or in the evening with compensate any unpleasant consequences over and above.


Source by Anthony Voronoff