PTE vs. IELTS—Which Exam Should You Choose?

As a part of your Canada Immigration and the requirements to apply for Canada PR Visa, you have to demonstrate proficiency in English language. It is through approved tests like IELTS, PTE, etc. The fundamental divergence between the two tests is that PTE is a computer-based test and IELTS is a paper-based exam. There are however rare exceptions for IELTS online tests in India. Grading is a fundamental difference between these two tests. Both the computer-based and paper-based versions of IELTS are graded manually. Meanwhile, the PTE Academic is fully graded by the AI scoring engine.

Difference between PTE and IELTS

IELTS consists of 2 types of tests – General and Academic. IELTS Academic Test is normally required for Canada Study Visas while IELTS General Test is required for Canada PR Visas and other types of immigration. Meanwhile, PTE Academic is acknowledged by New Zealand and Australia for several Subclass Visas including Study and PR Visas. More than 10,000 Universities globally accept the IELTS and PTE Academic is approved by 6,000 plus Universities. The IDP and British Council both conduct the IELTS exam in India. Both these agencies have individual exam centers and dates are available both offline and online. Meanwhile, PTE is administered across the world by Pearson. A few test centers are managed by Pearson while other test centers are managed by its Franchise partners. In IELTS, each of the four competencies in Language is offered individual scores – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Also, an overall score is also offered on a scale of 9 to 0. On the other hand, the PTE scale for score is in the range from 90 to 10 wherein 10 is equal to 0 and 90 is equal to perfect. Like IELTS, PTE also offers overall and skill-based scores. But PTE also offers scaled scores for enabling skills such as Spelling, Vocabulary, Written Discourse, Grammar, Oral Fluency, and Pronunciation. Several Test takers who have appeared for both exams are of the view that competitively PTE Academic is simpler. The focus of this test is on the practical aspects of conversational English. It is sensible as the objective of a Test for English Proficiency is to assess the adaptability of a candidate in an English-spoken ambiance.

Scoring – PTE vs. IELTS

IELTS offers a score on a scale of 9 (maximum score) to 1 (minimum score) and these are aimed to be straightforward and basic. Meanwhile, PTE Academic ratings are according to its individual “International Scale of English”. The scale of the score is granular from 90 to 10.

IELTS vs. PTE: Which is easier?

If you favor a test with fixed marks, IELTS is a better option. If you are inclined for being tested and offered a score based on your understanding, PTE is preferable. While several people consider the PTE as easier in comparison with IELTS, there are also many others who disagree. Both tests evaluate your Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading skills. Both are accepted for various categories of Immigration and Study Visas and admission applications for Universities. Here are certain pointers for guiding you towards deciding the ease of both tests: Several individuals are of the opinion that PTE is easier when compared with IELTS for various reasons. PTE was launched many years after the launch of IELTS. Many of them have appeared for IELTS 1 or multiple times prior to appearing for PTE as the validity of IELST scores is only 2 to 3 years. Many of these individuals will secure higher scores in PTE in comparison with IELTS and consider it to be easier. But their better score can be just due to the increased preparation and experience after having appeared for language tests multiple times. PTE is also popular due to the inclusion of certain tasks that several individuals find simpler like underlining erroneous words in reading and writing through dictation. It can also be contended that moderator prejudice and human error are eliminated as PTE is fully automated. Others on the other hand contend that machine prejudice is a concern. The IELTS Speaking Component is held in person with an Examiner. However, your conversation is with a machine in the PTE. Several individuals who are stressed easily find the PTE to be less hectic. One more consideration is the length of the test as in comparison with IELTS, PTE is shorter slightly and thus can be considered simpler. It implies that you will not require applying much concentration and energy, and it does not necessarily influence your score. So we have here tried to answer all your major concerns and doubts regarding the IELTS and PTE. If you have any further concerns or queries regarding this topic or Canada Immigration, you can contact Study Overseas Experts and Language Mentors at Nationwide Visas.