Rear Entry Position – The Kama Sutra Way



Also known as “doggy” style, rear entry position was originally taught in ancient Kama Sutra. The term was coined by the image of animals during mating season. It’s a position that allows man to go inside his partner from behind. Rear entry position is popular as it allows deep penetration and supercharges orgasms of both partners. Women love this position as it helps to stimulate their G-spot! Today we are going to discuss how to do rear entry position correctly, and how to modify the position for more fun and sensation.

#1: Traditional rear entry position: in the original rear entry position, woman lies on her bed to allow her partner to enter from behind. To allow deeper penetration, put a big pillow under her lower belly to lift up her buttock. During sex, don’t forget to use your hands to stimulate other hot spots of her body, including breast and nipples.

#2: Standing position: it’s a modified version of rear entry position with both partners standing. Your partner bends at the waist, and support herself with her hands as you enter from behind. Alternatively, you can use a bed or big chair to support her.

#3: Seated rear entry position: Get a big chair with supportive back and sit on it. Then, your partner spreads her legs. Let her sit on your lap while facing against you. She squats down on your penis and controls the penetration movement.

Final tips: Rear entry position is the best position to help both partners to achieve orgasms simultaneously. In these positions, it’s highly recommended that you use hands and fingers to stimulate her nipples, breast, anus and perineum to accelerate her orgasms. Finally, with big penis, you would stand greater advantage of pulling of the Big “O”.


Source by Lee John