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One of the biggest health concerns that most developed countries experience today is obesity. This is simply saying it needs more awareness and education. It is not that hard to overcome this with some knowledge and just a little bit of will power. Most of the people in this situation are just oblivious or don’t understand the facts, that this is possible only through changes. It is proven fact that the biggest percentage of illness and diseases is food related.

Being overweight can lead to dramatic health complications such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which can become fatal later in life. Secondary to that, health concerns like hypertension and even osteoarthritis develop due to excess weight. For many people looking at quick fixes such as diet pills etc. this will be of no benefit. There are these health conditions associated with obesity and the best way to change it is with a healthy eating plan. Yes, it all begins in disciplining your attitude towards food, because correct food is mainly consumed as the body’s fuel. In fact, even people who don’t need to lose weight should consider a healthy eating plan.

Why? Because this helps them from developing metabolic disorders later on. If you start right with your food intake, then you need not worry about blood chemistry results later in your life. While most of your peers would complain of soaring blood sugar levels or high uric acid, you would still be eating any food you want. So, what is the key to a healthy eating plan? Here are some pointers worth considering that can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

• Choose natural food sources. Simple food, because it should mainly supply your body’s needs for growth and repair. This would mean avoiding processed foods heavily laden with sodium, sugars and who knows what other additives. Preserved food like canned goods is also included and better be avoided. Although do not confuse this with fermented food. Include plenty of them to your healthy eating plan; fermented food has many health benefits. Preservatives are not suitable for human consumption, especially when ingested for a long period.

• Detoxify your body once in a while. This could mean fasting for a day using home-made juice and fruits; however, prolonged periods of fasting can cause electrolyte imbalance so be careful about this. Detoxification must also involve exercise because our body detoxifies when we perspire. Some sort of exercise is necessary every day, no matter how little; of course more is always better.

• Hydrate well. This is a must for any healthy eating plan. You can stuff yourself with food but water is primarily responsible for bringing nutrients to the cells. Drinking several glasses of water a day ensures better metabolism and digestion, although drink the water between meals and not with meals, especially hot meals. Food is useless when it is not properly digested and eliminated by the body.

• Drink alcohol moderately. The kidney along with the liver is responsible for filtering unwanted substances in the body. Most of the unhealthy substances you put in your body system is part of your choice. So, if you burden your organs with dangerous substances aside from alcohol, health consequences are not far behind. Although to have a glass of red wine with your meal is not only just enjoyable also of benefit. Red wine is known for its antioxidants benefits, as well a substance found in red wine called Resveratol that acts as a calorie restriction mimic.

• Educate yourself. Learn about healthy eating habits by checking the new food pyramid. Better yet, consult a dietician or nutritionist, as well there is lots of information available to help making better food choices.

Every person has a unique nutritional need based on her or his genetics and existing lifestyle. Hence, a sound healthy eating plan begins by understanding your needs and your body. Listen to your body, take note of the reactions from your body, because no one else knows your body like you do. Aside from proper food intake, improved wellness is a certainty when pursuing an active lifestyle. You feel stronger and more energetic when you exercise. Couple a good workout program such as walking before breakfast with a healthy eating plan and you will see results in a short time. For being consistent with your good habits your body will reward you for it. Transform your life by feeling good inside and out. Start today and enjoy a new life, you’ll most likely wonder why you haven’t started sooner.


Source by Josef Bichler