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Brand-new supplement brand Remix Nutrition™ launched in July as a special partnership between and Hostess Brands, LLC, with protein powder flavors like Hostess® Twinkies® and Hostess® Chocolate CupCakes. Where Remix really shines is in making fitness and supplementation more fun. Some people enjoy nerding out on the finer points of nutrition science. Others just want a supplement they know will work well and that they can enjoy taking day in and day out. Remix makes premium-quality products that are easy to take, easy to understand, and really, really easy to love.

I interviewed John Stump, senior manager of private brands at, to get the lowdown on how the brand came to be and what’s next for Remix.

Why did decide to partner with Hostess Brands?

When got the opportunity to work with Hostess Brands to develop a new protein powder, it was an obvious YES. Protein powder has long had a stigma of tasting bad or being difficult to drink. If we could offer one that tastes like everyone’s favorite snack cakes, it would be a huge advantage for our customers who struggle to get enough protein from their diet.

Why is the new brand called Remix Nutrition™?

Our development team reviewed close to 1,000 names trying to find the one that represents what this brand stands for. Remix Nutrition™, in the end, was the perfect fit. This brand is all about remixing the foods and flavors we love into a format that supports our customers’ health aspirations. Giving up your favorite foods when you start a fitness journey is one of the biggest challenges. The goal of Remix is to help satisfy your sweet tooth and crush your cravings so you can stay on track. We’re all about balance; it’s important to enjoy the foods you love occasionally and supplement with Remix in between those all-important cheat meals.

The first two protein powder flavors are Twinkies and Chocolate CupCakes. How did you narrow it down?

We wanted to offer two distinct flavors when launching our Premium Protein Blend. Twinkies and CupCakes are among the most iconic Hostess flavors, so it made sense to start there. For chocolate lovers, Chocolate CupCakes will satisfy that craving. For those looking for something a little different, golden sponge cake Twinkies are hard to beat.

Hostess treats

Who is the market for these products?

These products are really suitable for anyone. Whether you are working out hard in the gym to lose weight, build muscle, or get stronger, protein is great for all those goals. Or if you are simply trying to hit your daily protein targets, Remix Nutrition™ Premium Protein Blend’s 24 grams of protein is a great way to do that. It also works great in high-protein recipes like pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, and of course smoothies.

Are these products safe for kids?

These protein powder products will definitely be appealing to adults and kids; however, while we don’t have any evidence that they are not safe for children, supplements are typically not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. The product formulas were intended for adults based on recommended daily values of things like protein. Use by children should be discussed with a physician first as a precaution.

The taste of the powders bears a remarkable resemblance to the snacks for which they are named. How do they stack up nutritionally against other protein powders?

Nutritionally, our Premium Protein Blend stacks up extremely well compared to all the top protein blends on the market. With 24 grams of protein per serving at 140 calories, we offer the same amount of protein—or more—with fewer calories than the top-selling protein blends on But, contrary to a lot of information out there, carbs and fats are not the enemy when you’re dieting. A healthy balance of each macronutrient is needed to help manage weight properly. Our blend allows you to get the protein you need without negatively impacting your daily carbohydrate or fat targets.

How much added sugar do these products contain?

There is zero added sugar in Remix protein. Each serving does contain 1 gram of sugar that is naturally occurring from the dairy protein sources. All our protein sources are ultra-filtered for a high percent of protein to minimize sugar content. For comparison, there is less sugar in a serving of Premium Protein Blend than in a single ounce of 1 percent milk.

Looking at a product label.

How did you get these to taste like Hostess® products without adding sugar?

We spent almost a year refining the flavoring system to ensure it held up to the Hostess reputation. It was no easy feat. After working with some of the best flavor experts around—and going through countless iterations—we feel these flavors are spot-on and achieve the decadence and richness of their flavor inspirations.

What comes next after Twinkies and CupCakes?

There are almost too many options to choose from. We have a few flavors in the works, including Hostess® Raspberry Zingers®, Ding Dongs®, Mini Muffins, and Coffee Cakes. We want the customers to help dictate what flavors we pursue. If anyone has a personal favorite, please communicate with us on social media so we can tally the votes and give the people what they want.

Any chance we’ll ever see a protein powder that tastes like those insanely delicious Hostess® Donettes®?

As they’re one of my personal favorites, they’ll definitely be on the list. Since there are so many flavors to choose from, we are hoping to offer limited releases so that everyone has a chance to try their personal favorite.

Before I let you go, I’ve always wondered…how much does Twinkie the Kid® bench?

He looks pretty strong! I bet he can put up some serious weight. Perhaps we can get him to do a workout video with us next. Also, rumor has it his favorite Remix flavor is Twinkies, of course.


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