Review on "Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed" by Bryan Kernan | Nutrition Fit



The book “Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed” by Bryan Kernan is a very revealing book that talks about the hidden truths that supplement companies doesn’t want you to know. These facts about certain supplements can be quite difficult to find since supplement producers does not want ordinary people finding out these secrets. You can’t find this in magazines too due to the fact that the majority of these magazines are sponsored by companies that manufacture these supplements. In short, this is as close as you can get to the insider’s information about the secrets on bodybuilding supplements.

Aside from revealing the hidden information about these companies, this book also talks about the “processes” in which these supplements go through in which these companies are also a part of. Consumers MUST be aware of these “processes” because some of these companies trick consumers into buying a product which isn’t a real “value for their money”. If you are confused on what I am talking about, imagine a reputable supplement company that sells a capsule with only sugar inside as a protein supplement. You could also imagine that these “capsules” would sell well because most people would pass up on researching on that product and would most often rely on the word of advertisements.

But the 2 most important parts of the book are the information about certain supplements or compounds, and the recipes on how to stack them. Bryan has given great detail about supplements such as creatine in his e-book, he also talks on how to effectively use it in conjunction with other supplements and compounds. Bryan also created certain “recipes” that would help individuals on achieving specific goals such as raising anabolic states or increasing metabolism despite a strict calorie diet.

Overall, the information found in this e-book is “A- class” and is definitely a recommended “food for the thought” of bodybuilders and fitness buffs alike. The only thing that sets it apart from being perfect is the information on how to get these nutrients on the cheapest, organic and non-chemical way – by fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other non-expensive consumables. I was also left wondering if all these ideas and techniques could be applied to our female counterparts since they are not “testosterone driven”. But nonetheless, this e-book is very informative and a nice addition to my fitness library.


Source by Mike Mass