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No summer is complete without at least one river float. It is a great opportunity to grab your close friends and spend a day on the river in the sun with good company. Compiled below for beginners is a list of common terms associated with tubing.

Access Point – Is any location along the river that can be used to get on the river to start a float trip or get off the river at the end of the day.

Beer Raft – Is a raft or a specially designed inflatable cooler the purpose of which is to hold ice, drinks, food and most importantly adult beverages. Also commonly called “Beertanic”

Biscuit – A nickname used to describe the shape of a tube that resembles a disc.

Donut – A nickname used to describe the shape of a tube with a hole in the middle.

Drop In Point – Is the location at which a float begins and tubers transition from land into water.

Float – Is an event in which a group gathers for the sole purpose of making their way down a river on tubes for enjoyment.

Flotilla – Refers to a group of two or more tubes floating down a river while sharing supplies and company. Often the tubes will be joined together with rope.

Exit Point – Is the location at the end of the float where tubers exit the river.

Island – Is larger than a tube, but is not a raft. An island can fit four or more people, but still maintains a circular shape and has poor maneuverability.

Point of Interest – A location that is interesting or useful. It can be a place to rendezvous on the river, a naturally occurring attraction, or a dangerous point that one should be aware of.

Portage – Is a point along the float in which tubers have to exit with their tubes and walk because of low water or dangerous water obstacles.

Pump – Is either a manual or an electric device used to inflate a tube or raft.

Raft – Is a boat shaped inflatable that can hold 1 or more tubers plus supplies. Rafts often come with oars, but the oars are not necessary for tubing.

Tube – Is the vehicle used to stay afloat while tubing, often inflatable.

Tubers – People who takes part in tubing.

Tubing – The act of floating down a river for fun.

Water Shoes – Shoes used to protect the feet when walking in water and over rocks. Often Tevas, Keens or Crocs are used.


Source by A J Young