Running Fitness and Health Tips For Keeping A Healthy Liver | Nutrition Fit



Some of the best things to do to maintain a healthy liver is to not be over weight, not smoke and watch your diet. The liver is a vital organ playing the role of many functions including detoxification and production of biochemical’s necessary for digestion. The best medicine for the liver is for all of us to take a preventative approach in maintaining a healthy liver before problems disrupt. I say this because, once the liver is damaged, there’s not much that can be done to repair one.

One of the first things one can address in an attempt to maintain a healthy liver is to maintain a normal body weight for your height and build. Running is by far one of the best forms of exercise in order to burn calories. You can safely lose up to three pounds a week by running four or five days. This is actually how I started some twenty years ago. What’s great about running is it doesn’t cost you anything other than a pair of running shoes and some shorts.

If you’ve lead a sedentary life for many years that’s no problem. A daily run walk plan can become a life long good health habit to get into, at whatever age you may be. Simply start by jogging past a few of your next door neighbor’s houses. As soon as you start to get winded then slow to a walk. Go ahead and continue to walk past a house or two then pick-up the pace once again into a slow jog. Continue this same process all the way around the block. Continue with this same process every day after work throughout the first month.

Each month increase your distance. At some point in the second month your fitness should find a point that the walking breaks can be phased out. Once your able to jog a couple miles every other day the pounds will start to melt away. This not only keeps the weight off for maximum liver health, but for your whole body as well.

Now we must touch on the other part of the equation of maintaining a beneficial good nutrition program for the best chance at having a life long trouble free liver…as well as all the other organs of your body. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Preventative medicine is always much cheaper than the after affects.” Once your health is gone it’s gone, especially a liver! They can’t make you a new one. That’s why I harp on what to eat.

All your fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds is a diet you have to get use to for a life long healthy body well into you senior years. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Most helpful for your liver health are the cabbage family especially brussel sprouts, cabbage and broccoli. Water-soluble fibers like apples, legumes, pears and oat bran.

Continue to adopt this healthy lifestyle with mineral supplements and a high potency daily multiple vitamin. Add some high sculpture foods like eggs, onions and garlic. Don’t forget the beets, carrots, turmeric, artichokes, cinnamon and dandelion. My favorite drinks are plenty of water, mixing all fruit juices especially cranberry and pomegranate juice with green tea. If you must eat some meats, then stick with fish, like salmon, tuna, sardines and rainbow trout. Turkey and chicken are good to go.

Stay away from refined sugar, butters and saturated fats. This will be the cookies, cakes, candies ands pies. Basically all the baking goods group. I give you fair warning, this type of diet takes some getting use to, but the rewards are your ticket to a life long running fitness excellence of keeping a healthy liver and whole body as well!


Source by Gary W. Cooper