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Although it may seem obvious that being dishonest holds back your Spiritual development – it can be very useful to you to know how and why this is so.

It is commonly known that many religious scriptures warn against the dangers of lying and acts of dishonesty. They are said to be ‘sins’ – acts against our own selves, humanity itself and the Higher Powers that be.

Whether we are religious or Spiritual or Spiritually religious or none of thatbeing dishonest affects all of us in the same way.

And in order to fully understand the negative ripple effect that ‘not speaking ones truth’ has on us, it helps to first understand what we actually are.

We are pure energy that is vibration and frequency in motion.

Our emotions are literally energy in motion and even our bones and internal organs that appear dense in this reality are in fact made up, like everything, of individual molecules.

We are made up of so many components, yet these components are contained within one system… our mind/body/Spirit.

These three words really should be one word!… ‘mindbodyspirit’!

The difference between truth and untruth is as different as clean water to dirty water. And so it goes with all positive values and their negative counterparts. On the one side we have love, the other hate. On the one side we have clarity and the other side confusion, respect and the other side disrespect.

Values such as these are the bedrock of not only walking a Spiritual path, but of living a functional life!

Values can be likened to clean, transparent water that when ingested have a deeply powerful and positive effect on our system.

The same goes for their counterparts such as disrespect, dishonesty, laziness, hate and greed etc. When acted upon, when ingested their vibrational frequency automatically pollute our ‘mindbodyspirit’ whether we are conscious of this happening or not.

The truth is all values are energy, vibration and frequency in motion just like us. They are in and of themselves their own system that ultimately affects our lives whether we are in conscious alignment with them or not… they are undeniably more than just intellectual concepts!

If you had the choice between drinking clean or muddy water, you would choose the clean and transparent water to drink… right? Of course you would because you clearly understand that it will benefit you to keep the muddy water out of your system.

Speaking truth = communicating from your values.

Speaking words of truth is a Sacred act that literally cleans your system – no matter how common the conversation may be.

Truth and all positive values have the power to clear internal adhesions, blocks and obscurations within your ‘mindbodyspirit’.

This is the process of deep restoration at work through your actions and the side effect is greater levels of transparency within your being… just like clear clean water is transparent.

When we consciously work with the quality of transparency within our being, we increase our transparency quota. From here the sky is the limit and your Ascension body will reap the benefits, as will the more dense parts of your being here in this reality.

Many people express feeling ‘dirty’ after telling lies or upon realizing that they have allowed themselves to become a liar in this life.

The more you choose to drink dirty water – the more you turn your back on your values – the more dense you become. Being dense makes many desired destinations on your Ascension path unreachable, not to mention the negative effects it has on your entire Karmic path, your relationships and in general your quality of life.

Empower yourself through the power of respect – Make yourself, your communication a Sacred act – Transform your physical vessel for your values to flow through!

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Source by Illura T