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The Schwinn Airdyne bike may not be in a class by itself, but it started a class of exercise machines. Since the Airdyne works more parts of the body, it opens up possibilities for more complete workouts. Here are reasons why this leads to faster progress.

Burning fat and getting in shape is about more than just calories burned. See, pedaling away on exercise bikes only burns about 8 to 10 calories per minute. When you realize a pound of fat consists of about 35 hundred calories, you can see that it takes a ton of pedaling to remove much fat. As you probably know, the process of burning fat is much more complex than just exercising or dieting.

Key to fitness and fat burning are eating changes combined with exercise. But the real goal is metabolism change. With increased metabolism, it is possible to burn more fat even when you are just sitting around. The way you burn calories at rest is called basal metabolism.

By using more muscles than some exercise options, dual action machines help to build muscle as well as burning some calories. Oddly enough, it is the building of muscle that helps to increase resting metabolism. That’s why many weight loss programs that work encourage weight training. Moving against resistance builds muscle which increases metabolism. That’s why weight training, which doesn’t particularly burn many calories, can actually show improvement in fat loss beyond what you would expect just from the calorie burning potential.

A Schwinn Airdyne really has the potential to get at just about every muscle you have. It works the major muscles of the legs for sure, but also the back, shoulders and arms. Really it can get at just about every muscle group. And the harder you pump, the more work happens. That’s the way to fast progress.

Sadly, just buying a machine and parking it in a prominent place does very little good. That’s why you should choose a machine that you will really use.

Airdynes are interesting machines to pedal partly because there is so much activity going on as you ride. That’s one way to make it interesting so you keep at it. Certainly having the machine right close at hand encourages use much better than going to a gym for exercise.

Another plus to Airdynes in particular is the rugged construction. Really using lesser machines often leads to swaying and movement which quickly results in the bikes loosening up and more swaying and loosening and ultimate failure of the whole machine.

The Schwinn Airdyne is just a tool. It helps burn more calories and more importantly can help increase your metabolism which is the real key to weight control. Only if you use a machine can it accomplish what is possible.


Source by Al Bullington