Sensual and Sexual Massage Foreplay Strokes That Will Blow Her Mind and She Will Want You Tonight!



When starting sensual and sexual massage foreplay strokes, one principle I like to keep I mind is to go from the outer to the inner hotter zones on her body. Hot zones are the breasts and genitals.

Some examples are that you could start kissing her big toes or fingers and then kiss inwards up her legs or arms to the hotter zones of the genitals or breasts.

For example, caress the breasts for some time before going to the nipples. When you are close to intercourse, massage her outer vulva lips before the inner lips, clitoris or any internal g spot massage.

Another principle I find I naturally do is to go from light to firm. Start with light touch and later on become firmer as the energy rises. For example, blow on the nipples before moving on to kissing and sucking.

It is a great idea in sensual and sexual massage to start very light. Feather touch can be very sensual and really turn on the energy in your lover.

Another example is in g spot massage, start with just a touch. Wait for a while before doing any massage stroke. When she is close to orgasm she will get very wet and juicy and one can be quite firm and strong in your touch on the g spot.

If you slowly build up the sexual energy and delay intercourse until she is really wanting it and delay some more, this will allow a lot of time for her to get sexual energy to boiling point


Source by Maurice Tate