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Breathe with Artur  every Thursday at 7.30 PM GMT as he takes over the Wanderlust TV Live Studio with his Breathwork: Daily Calm Cultivation practice.

Creator of Breathwork Academy and the explorer of equanimity, Artur Paulins is working internationally to transform our access to daily calm through breathwork and mindfulness. An access to equanimity – calm, stillness, contentment – should be available to everyone.

Artur’s approach to self-mastery spans a variety of breath-based approaches to wellbeing, resilience and inner-strength. He’s tested each method rigorously and adopted a unique approach that is accessible for all, and can be returned to as part of a daily mindfulness practice. At the centre of his work, is a commitment to uncovering the potential of each human being through moments of awareness that become available through these techniques.

In his classes, you will find a seamless combination of music, guidance and stillness. His presence is unwavering and yet there is a playfulness to his style. This is a space for heartfelt connection, grounding and equanimity that will continue throughout the rest of your day.

How did Breathwork enter your life? Was there a particular event that initiated it?

Breathwork came into my life as I was looking for ways to deal with stress and anxiety during martial arts competitions. I was always curious about meditation and had a fascination with the potential we can achieve with our minds. At the time my martial arts coach had a meditation practice where he was using breathing techniques from Pranayama, so he recommended books on freediving and Pranayama, as well as visiting a local Buddhist center to learn the practice of meditation.

It just happened that my first exposure to meditation was through the active use of breathing. I kept up the consistent self-practice for a long time but it truly made the biggest difference in my life years later when I got seriously injured in a martial arts competition and the only thing I had left was my stressful architecture job in the City of London.

There are so many different breathwork techniques. Can you say that you might have a favorite?

I believe that the most fundamental tool of breathwork is simple breath awareness. Throughout the years I keep returning to it in my regular practice.

What would you say is the most common stereotype about breathwork that unfamiliar people come with?

That the breathwork is only for relaxation. Breathing can be used in many ways and knowledge of how to use it has many applications.

What would be the one piece of advice you could give to the Wanderlust TV streamers to deepen the connection with a teacher during their online practice?

Set aside plenty of time for your practice, don’t just squeeze it in between other tasks on your to-do list. This time can be truly impactful and change the course of your day and week, give yourself permission to take that time for yourself, all other tasks and worries can wait for when you’re finished.

Is there one feeling you always seek your students to leave with?

Connection. I believe, even if we practice remotely by use of screens and technology it is still possible to feel connected as if you would be in the same room practicing together with others.

As you’re a teacher, you’re also a student. How does your personal learning journey continues as you step on the mat learning as opposed to teaching?

I seek out different experiences that can inspire my teaching. The most recent example for me is learning to freedive, even if it didn’t give me any new breathing techniques that I can bring into my teaching, it gave me an important insight into myself and how I relate to my embodied experience. Which then gives me the inspiration to teach and try to communicate lessons I have learned for myself in these seemingly different fields.

Where do your passions lie outside the breath?

Jiu-Jitsu still is my biggest passion and I love to continue learning this martial art, as well as having it as an amazing place for self-discovery and important insights into the mind.

If you could have dinner with an influential persona,  past or present, in the history of Mindfulness, Spirituality or Breathwork, who would it be and why??

I would love to have a proper chat with Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching and the founder of Taoism philosophy. Perhaps in person, he would be less enigmatic than his writing.


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