Shaw’s Cove Is a Free Location for Family Beach Portraits | Nutrition Fit



A successful photographer should know well the local areas so he can advise his clients on a location that will meet her objectives. Shaw’s Cove is a beautiful Laguna Beach family beach portrait location. The best part is that unlike other local beaches, such as nearby Crystal Cove, shooting at Shaw’s Cove is free. Local photographers would do well to offer a session at this free beach portrait location for several reasons:

  1. It is easy to access. To get to the Cove simply get on to Pacific Coast Highway between Newport and Laguna Beach. Turn South on Wave Street. Fall wave until it turn into Cliff Drive. Look for a place to park on Cliff Drive.
  2. Parking is free. Many Newport and Laguna Beach photography locations charge for parking (no parking meters so common on other Orange County beaches). Just make sure your clients do not park near any fire hydrants or private driveways. Otherwise they likely will get a ticket
  3. Beach access from the street is convenient. Many of the smaller OC beaches require walking down a dirt or rocky path. To get to Shaw’s Cove, a client simply need walk down a stairwell and a narrow paved path. The path has an abundance of foliage and thus a photographer can get some great shots with green backgrounds even before she and her clients reach the beach.
  4. There is a beautiful retaining wall with vegetation in the background at the beach. Not all of your shots need to be in the Sand. This area provides a beautiful garden like look.
  5. There is a Gazebo at the top of one of the cliffs that provides a classic look. This little white structure by far beats the stucco houses that are seen in the background of a number of other Orange County beaches.
  6. There is an abundance of marine life for young children (and some not so young adults to explore). Part of a successful family photo shoot is making sure that the family enjoys the process. Young children enjoy looking for seashells, sand dollars and other marine life. Many people come to Shaw’s Cove from out of state. They are, to a great extent there not only to have their portraits taken but also enjoy the beach for which they have traveled a significant distance (many of them).

There are a number of terrific photography locations in Laguna Beach. Shaw’s cove is one option a photographer should keep in mind when advising his clients on the preparation for a photo shoot.


Source by Vanessa Honda