Some Human Anatomy And Physiology Facts You Must Know



If you want to become a massage therapist, you must know some of the basics of human anatomy and physiology. This way, you can better provide relief and relaxation through massage.

Facts About The Human Body

Your tongue is like an elephant’s trunk or an octopus’ tentacle. These three has a bundle of muscles called the “muscular hydrostat” that works efficiently without the help of bones.

The hyoid bone is independent of the rest of the skeleton. It sits atop the larynx, which gives an anchor for the muscles on the mouth’s floor or the tongue. This is also known as the lingual bone.

Hair is a weird combination of deal and living. The living follicle will push out the hair that is made up of different kinds of non-living but protective cells. These protective cells are made of keratin. If your hair turns grey, this means that your pigment cells are already dying.

Your toenails grow slowly than your fingernails. The reason for this is the evolutionary correlation between the length of the outer-most bones in your toes and finger-tips (terminal phalanges) and the rate at which your nails grow. Your toenails do not grow as fast as your fingernails because the tip of your toes is shorter. This is also the reason why the nail on your middle finger grows faster than your pinky’s nail.

Humans glow like jellyfish ad fireflies. Such phenomenon is a natural byproduct of the metabolic process. For scientists, they believe that bioluminescence is present in most living creatures. But it was only in 2009 that human bioluminescence was captured on film.

You have a motor protein. Its job is to deliver significant molecules to their necessary cellular destinations. It actually walks along its micro-pathway by using 2 structures at its base known as feet. It is believed that the mode of transportation is somewhat similar to that of the humans.

The most resilient body organ is the liver. It can actually regenerate from just 25% of its tissue mass.

These are just some of the facts you must know about the human anatomy and physiology. If you want to become a competent massage therapist, you need to know a lot of important things. You can be able to deliver the right kind of care to your clients if you know where and how to deal with the different body organs. Most importantly, you need to learn only from a reliable massage tutor.


Source by Richard Dunst