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The greatest danger walking is not from other people doing you harm. It is the things you do, or rather don’t do that put your health into danger.

It does not matter if you walk during the day or at night for the importance of reflective clothing and gear. It is an absolute must if you walk at dawn, dusk or at night. In fact, more accidents occur between walkers and vehicles at dawn and dusk than at night.

The light level at dawn and dusk make it particularly difficult for motorists to see moving objects at the side of the roadway. That is why having reflective accents on multiple areas of your body will improve a driver’s ability to notice you and thus improve your safety.

Reflective Gear

Start with tops and bottoms that have reflective patches on the front and back. I’ve seen many shirts and jackets that have bright colors and reflective patches on the front of their outfit. The thought here is that people are suppose to walk opposite to traffic and will be facing the oncoming vehicles. I’m sure that you too often see people walking with the traffic for a number of reasons.

With no reflective patches on the back of your outfit you become literally invisible to traffic. Yes, many shoes have reflective patches on the heels that should be seen by vehicles approaching from your rear, but they are more common on running shoes. Walking shoes often will not have the proper amount of reflective stripes as found on running and training shoes.

Don’t forget reflective gear for your dogs when you walk with them. You can now get collars and leashes that glow in the dark or have reflective qualities.

Health Safety

Having access to water while walking is important to help you maintain proper hydration and your health. But carrying a water bottle can be a real pain while walking. Putting a water bottle into a pocket is bulky and uncomfortable. A solution is a fanny pack or strap that goes around your waist that has a padded opening to hold the water bottle. There are even liquidpacs that you can strap on your back that includes a tube that you drink the water through like a straw.

These are cool gadgets but are focused on solving just one specific safety need while walking. What do you do with your cell phone, keys and other health items you may need like band aids, lotions and an epipen? The good-ole fanny pack is the answer. And, they come in updated styles and colors to match your personal preferences.


Source by Daniel P. Martin