The 11 Day Diet Generator Explained | Nutrition Fit



The 11 day diet generator is an online dieting program that prints out your meals for you. It can be quite confusing what it is so in this article I will explain exactly what it is and how it works.

You do not buy this software program as a standalone product. It actually comes as part of a whole program. The program is called fat loss 4 idiots. With this diet program you get a diet handbook that teaches you how the diet works and the rules, a beyond calories book that teaches you how to manipulate your calories to lose fat faster and the 11 day diet generator.

You access the program from your computer and once you purchase it you own it and have access to it forever. After logging in you are presented with a menu of many different foods. These are all regular foods you find at the store nothing fancy or weird here.

There are two columns and you are instructed to pick a certain number of foods from the left hand side and a certain number from the right side. You then press enter and an 11 day menu is printed out that details EXACTLY what you are to eat for the next 11 days. It tells you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the next 11 days.

The way they combine the foods takes advantage of something called calorie shifting. This isn’t anything fancy it just has to do with the way your body reacts to certain foods in certain combinations. Calorie shifting is where your body’s metabolism is constantly ‘shocked’ in order to keep it burning calories at a higher rate than normal. 

After the 11 days you have 3 cheat days where you get to relax and eat a few cheat foods. It doesn’t give you permission to go crazy and eat massive amounts of junk food. You are just allowed to relax and have a couple dishes that you love that are not part of the diet.

After those 3 cheat days you then go back and print another 11 day menu if you wish to continue dieting. If you do not like some of the foods you can also switch them out you just have to make sure they are VERY close in nutritional content so you are basically eating the same thing. The 11 day diet generator also comes with a vegetarian version.


Source by Ashley Atkinson