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The Exumas are a beautiful area in the Bahamas known for the large number of cays, uninhabited islands, and exclusive island resorts. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find sprawling beaches, hidden coastlines, and little sandy surprises against the crystal blue waters. These are some of the best beaches of the Exumas.

February Point: Located in Elizabeth Harbour, this area is part of an upscale resort area.

Hotel Higgins Landing: An eco-resort with fine, white sand on Stocking Island offers snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports.

Pelican Beach (or Tropic of Cancer Beach): This perfect local is just outside of Williams Town on Little Exuma.

Three Sisters Beach: Named after the trio of rocks, this white sandy destination is located in Mt. Thompson to the north of George Town.

Grand Isle Resort and Spa: A popular resort area with fine living and plenty of water sports. The Undersea Water Park is an eco-adventure that offers a snorkeling experience for the young and old alike.

Jolly Hall Beach: A stunning crescent beach, this area of coastline is located near Palm Bay Beach Resort.

Coco Plum Beach: Located near the Grand Isle Resort, this palm-lined white sand beach has the best food and is the best place for sea shell searching.

Hamburger Beach (or Volleyball Beach): Located on Lee Stocking Island, this beach’s name is obvious. Join in a game of volleyball or head to Dora’s conch and hamburger stand.

Shroud Cay: This white sandy beach has to be one of the most stunning of the Exumas beaches. The blue of the water against the pure white sand in front of the lush mangrove and vegetation makes for beautiful photographs.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park: An ecological preserve and wildlife refuge that offers a peaceful escape and is even home to the endangered Bahamian Iguanas.

Staniel Cay: Ho Tai Beach and Pirate’s Beach are both secluded beaches with great snorkeling opportunities.

Saddle Cay: This horseshoe-shaped cay can only be reached by boat and offers plenty of quiet, undisturbed wilderness for exploring and beach-walking.

Stocking Island: Popular with divers and yachters alike, Stocking Island’s beaches have fine, white sand and the waters are ideal for scuba divers and snorkelers. Underwater caves, blue holes, and colorful coral gardens accent the island’s waters.

If you are heading to the Exumas on your next yacht charter, be sure to visit some of the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters in the area.


Source by Laurie L Harley