The Best Sex Positions For Giving A Woman The Hardest, Most Intense Climax Of Her Life!



Women judge their lovers by how satisfying they are during penis-in-vagina intercourse. While being skilled at oral sex or being able to manually stimulate a woman are certainly assets in their own right, nothing beats being able to bring a woman to a level of coital bliss she’s never experienced before. If you can do that, she’ll never look for satisfaction in another guy’s bed.

Several things determine how hard a woman climaxes during intercourse. The length of your penis, its thickness, and your stamina are all very important. Also important is how turned on she is by you. The level of foreplay you give her before intercourse plays a big role as well.True Sex Stories

The easiest thing you can control relating to her level of pleasure is what positions you utilize. Certain positions make it a lot easier to give her hard orgasms than others do, and it would certainly behoove you to learn what those positions are and how to get good at them. If you want to give your girl the hardest, most satisfying, most intense climax she’s ever had, here are the sex positions that will make it easiest to do so.

#3: Doggy style. This position is satisfying to a woman for a couple reasons. The angle of entry allows you to hit spots that you don’t hit during most other sexual positions. Also, doggy style done properly allows for deeper penetration, so it’s a really good option for a guy who only has an average endowment of around 6-7 inches. Finally, this position allows you many different ways to get leverage as you’re thrusting, so you can make your thrusts harder and more intense. You can do this either by placing your hands on the sides of her hips, or by placing them around her shoulders. If you have a girl who is especially difficult to bring to climax, this position is the easiest one if you want to give her some help by stimulating her clitoris with your hands. You simply reach around and you’re in the perfect position.

#2: Woman on top. This position is great for the woman for one simple reason: She is in control! The simple fact is that as good as you are in bed, and as in tune you are with her wants, needs, and desires, she still knows better than you (or any other guy) what she needs to get off. When she is on top, she controls the angles, the speed, the movements, everything. Not having to be in control also gives you the freedom to offer her additional manual stimulation to her nipples and/or her clitoris. Here’s a bonus for this position: If you have climax control issues, you are almost guaranteed to last longer in a position like this one where she’s doing all the work than you are in one where you’re doing all the work!

#1: Legs elevated. This one works so well for me that I’m almost hesitant to spill the beans on it. I don’t want to give my edge away to my competition! You start out with normal missionary, then simply grab her by the ankles and elevate her legs into the air. If you really want leverage, get on your knees as you do this and push her legs back as far as her flexibility will allow. This position is especially good if you’re well endowed like I am, the reason being that elevating her legs and bringing them together will create a tightness and a level of friction that will really send her over the edge like she’s never experienced before.


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