The Dangers of Wearing Glasses With the Incorrect Prescription



If you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for a long time and you are sick of the annual check-ups at your optometrist because you know that your prescription has changed, yet again, and you are in need of a new pair of prescription eyeglasses. This probably upsets you and it’s an understandable feeling. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life – eyesight deteriorates earlier for some, and faster than others.

While your eyes can start deteriorating at any time, you don’t want to be stuck wearing an outdated pair of frames with old prescription lenses. Although wearing eyeglasses with the wrong prescription will not damage your eyes, it can cause some very unpleasant side effects that are really not worth suffering through just to save a few dollars on buying new eyeglasses. Just think, how would you like to suffer from nausea, headaches, blurred vision, strained eyes, dizziness and vertigo? Aside from making you feel sick; these side effects can also prove dangerous if you are in a situation such as driving, carrying glass or hot beverages, handling machinery and so on. Your reluctance to buy new glasses and suffer the side effects instead, can cause harm, not only to yourself but to others as well.

Incidentally, even without a formal trip to your eye doctor, these side effects will be your first clear indication that your eyesight is waning and that you need a new, stronger optical solution. If you are stubborn enough to continue wearing your old prescription eyeglasses, the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headaches may reduce, or even completely disappear; however, the blurred vision and eye strain would remain because you aren’t seeing properly and the lenses are no longer compensating for your loss in optical strength.

Similarly, when you begin to age and your eyesight begins to change, you will not be able to continue wearing regular prescription eyeglasses when you actually need multifocal glasses. If not corrected with the appropriate prescription strength, you will continue to strain your eyes and suffer from these other unpleasant symptoms.

When you decide to give in and invest in eyeglasses for the sake of your overall health, you should know that following a thorough eye examination, your eye doctor will have your most updated eyeglasses prescription. This will allow you to get lenses made with the correct prescription strength to fit your vision difficulties and allow you to see as you should.

You should keep in mind that the first time you put on your new pair of eyeglasses, you will feel a bit dizzy and nauseous. This is because you eyes will need a few short moments to adjust to their new advanced vision. If, after an hour or two, you still feel these negative symptoms, then it is a sure sign that the lenses were not manufactured exactly according to your prescription and they will need to be changed.

This, however, is a little bit different in the case of multifocal glasses. With these, the adjustment process is a little bit more difficult as there is an optical jump within the lenses that take some getting used to. This adjustment period could take a while, but they usually normalize within 72-hours. Some have even reported a month or more, however, in the end, there is no doubting that your visual needs will be completely taken care of.

Should you be suffering from any of the above-mentioned side effects, or you have already visited your eye doctor and your updated eyeglasses prescription dictates the need for new frames, do not hesitate! Get eyeglass frames that will give you the perfect sight that you deserve! It is not a waste of money; it’s a favor that you do for yourself, to enjoy your health and your life.


Source by Hillary G Glaser