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You’ve probably come across Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program by now. Thousands of naturally skinny or thin people looking to gain weight and pack on some muscle have signed up to learn from Vince Delmonte yet only a few hundred have successfully managed to transform their bodies for the better.

Why is that you might ask? Is Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program a scam? I say far from it because you must understand that the best tools in the world are only as good as its owner.

I’m here to share with you how you should go about fully maximizing Vince Delmonte’s program to achieve the body you want by looking at the top 3 major reasons why people fail:

1. Too high expectations – Everywhere we go, we are literally bombarded with images of what our bodies should look like be it when we flip through lifestyle magazines or when we sit down to watch Will Smith shred his body doing pull-ups in the latest Hollywood movie. How about those reality makeover shows you watch on television? All these imageries are just misleading because they all make it look way too easy.

I’ll tell you straight off the bat that it takes either a really long time to properly achieve those kinds of results or it takes 110% dedication for it to happen in a much shorter period. A lot of us do not have the liberty to do the latter as unlike actors, we don’t get paid to train and eat the best foods in the world every single day. So many people scream scam at Vince Delmonte after only 2 weeks of following the program because they expect to be ripped after just those 14 days of hard work. Go figure! Be somewhat humble in your expectations; faithfully carry out the program as Vince teaches you and before you know it, in 3 months time people you know are going to come up to you saying, “Wow! You look spectacular. What did you do?” They’ll think you transformed overnight but you know better. You know how much hard work you’ve invested to get to that point.

2. Unmotivated – Making a lifestyle change that is completely new to you is admittedly very hard. Transformation isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Following the time frame of 2 weeks as I mentioned earlier, most people start fizzling out at this point. What you may like to call the good news is this lack of motivation occurs to every one of us at multiple times throughout the program. I have personally gone through it many times and believe it or not so has Vince Delmonte himself.

The trick to overcome these low periods is for ourselves to create motivation. It is stated but often overlooked in No Nonsense Muscle Building that we must track our progress as we go along. This includes updating body measurements from week to week and jotting down the amount of weights that you lift in each workout. You can motivate yourself by comparing the information and recognizing that you are actually gaining progress regardless of what you perceive. Some people also find training with a partner does wonders because you can both help push each other to the top. A few friends of mine even pooled together a pot of money where the biggest gainer after 3 months would take it all. I myself did not manage to find a partner in the early stages of my own workout so I made the camera my best friend. I took a before body shot and updated it subsequently every following week. The improvements I saw from photo to photo were amazing and that helped me keep constantly motivated. Give it a try.

3.Lack of Information – You might be actually surprised to see this one but honestly this is an extremely common reason for failure not only in Vince Delmonte’s program but in also a lot of other programs that genuinely aren’t scams. You would think that someone who signs up for a reputable workout program such as No Nonsense Muscle Building would have the best information resources available. Well, they do. In fact, they have all the information they need and so much more lying right in front of them to get themselves that new body but they simply do not go through the material.

I’m amazed that this happens and I wouldn’t have taken this seriously had I not seen my friends commit the exact offense. After going through my own body transformation, I was ecstatic and told a few of my still skinny out of shape friends about the Vince Delmonte program. 4 out of 5 people I told actually seemed pretty hyped and purchased the program themselves but 3 out of that 4 simply skimmed through the material, went with the workout plan half knowing what it was and obviously they all failed miserably. Disappointingly enough, they blamed the program. One of them even went as far as saying he got scammed. Scammed by who I asked; Vince Delmonte or yourself? Needless to say, he didn’t speak to me for quite a while. You must go through all the material properly, plan out your routines as the program shows you how and do it often throughout your target timeframe. The information is there. The lack of information is much rather a lack of initiative and application.

Now I’ve explained the 3 major reasons people fail, you should have none of these problems getting in the way of that body you’ve always wanted. Don’t fizzle out and don’t end up calling the program a scam because I’m confident you will be a winner.


Source by Wilson C