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When Steve’s alarm rang on Monday morning, he woke up with dread. It was the same day of the week when his energy and enthusiasm were the lowest. He wanted to sleep more, relax and do anything that didn’t require him to go to work. The same old pattern of scurrying through the traffic to reach office, attending tedious meetings, making presentations and preparing a list of weekly tasks was overwhelming. He would get tense thinking about it from Sunday itself.

Sounds familiar? Many people dread Mondays and the start of a week is generally sluggish for most of them. But there are ways to overcome the anxiety associated with the first day of the week and make it as bright as a Friday. Some of those ways are discussed here:

  1. Make Fridays productive – Many people dislike Mondays because they stress about completing pending jobs from the previous week. People start unwinding from Friday itself. One must stop this urge of loosening up from Friday and focus on completing most of the tasks before the weekend, so that there are no deadlines or pending assignments to be taken care of on Monday. The start of the week should be fresh.
  2. Make sure to have fun during weekend – Mondays appear challenging to those who don’t take a break even during the weekends. It is important to eat well, take ample rest, unwind by meeting friends, watch a movie or hit the dance floor at a club to renew the spirits and feel invigorated. Weekends should be used to recalibrate the mind and body.
  3. Plan ahead – Mondays can be stress-free if one plans well, preferably the previous week. Making a list of tasks and then dividing them throughout next week, delegating some and marking few to be discussed with coworkers can help one to navigate through Monday blues breezily.
  4. Take good night’s sleep and wake up early – One must get up early on a Monday morning, devote some time to a workout and some relaxation technique like yoga or meditation, eat a hearty breakfast, get dressed properly and then leave for work with a relaxed mind. This can be done only when one sleeps on time on Sunday night.
  5. Listen to upbeat music on Monday morning Research has established that listening to music can be mood elevating. One can start the week on a musical note by charging the spirits with soothing sounds.
  6. Have proper breakfast – A good breakfast can set the tone for a day and even a week. However, many people don’t realize the importance of this, just rush out of the door and skip the most important meal of the day. This is the reason one may feel lousy and inconsistent throughout the day. A person should eat a healthy and scrumptious breakfast like scrambled eggs, avocado toast, oatmeal with fruits, smoothie, etc.
  7. Get dressed smartly – If one looks good, he/she tends to feel good. One should plan on a Sunday night about the dress he/she would like to wear on Monday. One must look his or her best to feel confident and energetic.
  8. Interact with coworkers – When one reaches office on Monday, he or she should engage in short and positive conversations with colleagues before starting work. Spreading positivity can brighten up one’s mood and keep the spirit alive. Keeping pictures of the loved ones at the workstation can also be helpful in fighting stress.

Recovering from blues

Sometimes, a person’s anxiety may persist throughout the week, month or even longer. This signals towards an underlying problem, which must be addressed if the self-help tips do not come to one’s rescue.


Source by Barbara Odozi