Top 15 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas In India

Top 15 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas In India

The automobile industry is an evergreen industry. Every vehicle demands maintenance and replacement of spares after a few years of use. The business trend shows that the automobile business is growing faster than any other business. The main cause is the increase in the vehicular population due to the computation requirement. People prefer their vehicles rather than using public transport. The rise in vehicle requirements is the main driving factor behind the automobile business.

Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

Moreover, if you are planning to begin an automobile business and looking for an excellent business opportunity or business ideas, then this blog is just for you. We are here to show profitable automobile Business Ideas that will help you generate high income from your business.

Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel alignment is one of the profitable automobile business ideas. Every four-wheeler, such as Tata Ace HT Plus, requires wheel alignment at regular intervals. Thus, starting a wheel alignment service business makes sense. A small shop and a machine for wheel alignment and balancing are required. One of these units costs around Rs 4 lakh. You will also need qualified personnel to expand your services.

Car Wash Business

The mobile car wash business is the first extremely profitable automobile business idea. It is a medium-sized investment venture. You will need a suitable space and car washing equipment to start this business. It also necessitates the use of skilled labour. In addition, you could start a mobile car wash business if you run out of space.

Battery Reconditioning Business

Battery repair is another automobile business. This job necessitates specific abilities. You must understand how to disassemble and remove a battery bank, as well as how to rejuvenate a dead cell. The demand for regenerated batteries is high. This business has the potential to make you a lot of money.

Vehicle Towing Service

Vehicle towing services are required in the event of a breakdown or accident. There are various types of towing services, such as accident vehicle towing, non-damaged vehicle towing, breakdown vehicle services, etc. Each service necessitates a distinct crane or towing vehicle. Therefore, to succeed in this industry, you must have a broad range of expertise and provide prompt service. Moreover, to start this, you can go with Tata Intra V20 because this vehicle delivers power pack performance in load transportation applications.

Battery Dealer

A battery dealer is a seller who specialises in the battery industry. You must set up and sell essential battery shops for two and four-wheelers in this business. You can form a partnership or acquire a dealership for a specific brand.

Car Customisation

Car customisation is one of the top automobile business ideas. Car customisation means changing the exterior and interior of the car. Apart from this, replacing the engine and transmission also falls under this category. You will also require a lot of money and exceptional skills for this type of business.

Buy-Sell Used Cars

Buying and selling used cars is the most basic type of business concept. This business requires no investment. In this business, you must assist the seller in meeting the buyer and charge a commission on each transaction.

Motor Driving School

The motor driving training school is a significant investment in the automobile industry. You’ll need multiple cars and drivers who can teach customers how to drive. Setting up a motor driving school will cost a lot of money.

Dent Removal Services

Dents are very common in almost every vehicle. Dent Removal Services mean repairing and removing dents. This service can be provided in a shop or as a mobile service. Moreover, this business requires in-depth knowledge about tooth removal or repair. It also demands several repair tools.

Selling Automobile Spare Parts

Automobile spares are always in demand. It is mainly due to the increase in repairs, breakdowns and maintenance. If you have knowledge of automobile spares, then you can start the business of selling automobile spare parts. It is a highly profitable business.

Car Accessories

The car accessories business is one of the most popular automobile business ideas. Both new and used cars require some essential accessories like seat covers, car covers, air fresheners, cleaning kits, car chargers etc. Apart from this, many people also choose other expensive goods. Thus beginning a car accessory business is one of the highly profitable business options.

Vehicle Registration Agency

A vehicle registration agency is another automobile-related business option. In this business, you are required to tie up with the car dealer so that you can complete every new car vehicle registration through your agency. In addition, you have to charge a fixed amount for each registration.

Car Insurance Business

The next lucrative automobile business is the car insurance business. As per the rules, it is required for every car owner to buy car insurance. If you have knowledge of the insurance sector, then you can start your own car insurance business. But first, you need a potential customer who is willing to buy car insurance through your agency.

Mobile Mechanic Services

A mechanic is always needed to correct a vehicle malfunction as soon as possible. You can start a mobile mechanic service business if you have trained personnel who can meet this requirement. This business does not require a retail location and can be run from home.

Automobile Spare Manufacturing

If you are an expert in making auto parts and can invest a lot of money, you can start an automobile spare manufacturing business. Product quality and price are the primary factors determining this business’s success.

Mobile Oil Change And Servicing

Every vehicle requires an oil change and service. Thus starting a business related to oil change and servicing will be profitable. All you need is knowledge of oil change and servicing. You can also hire a person to do this job.

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