Treating and Curing Thombrosed Hemorrhoids



Thrombosed hemorrhoids commonly referred to as external hemorrhoids cause constant pain when sitting, standing, walking, or passing bowel movements. These growths are inflamed blood clots outside the rectum area that have ruptured producing painful swelling. Many times severe cases become unbearable with fiery itch, throbbing pain, and embarrassing bleeding. Typically, a person dealing with a thrombosed hemorrhoid will report to a physician that a large mass of extremely tender tissue is protruding from the rectum cavity. Because of the area of the problem, producing bowel movements makes maintaining anal hygiene difficult, which can lead to increased pain caused by infection.

In severe hemorrhoid cases, in which strangulation of blood flow in rectal veins and thrombosis has increased, a proctologist visit is highly recommended. The pain created by thrombosed hemorrhoids is the result of inflamed tissue outside of the anus. There are two main nerves found in the rectum region that are known as visceral nerves, which exist on top of what is called the pectinate line, and somatic nerves, which inhabit below the pectinate line.

Somatic nerves are pain conductors, while visceral nerves create pressure through blood fullness. This is why most internal hemorrhoids, which are under the pectinate line, are often less painful in normal cases, while external hemorrhoids, like the thrombosed hemorrhoid variety are extremely painful, and difficult to live with. It is never easy to cope with hemorrhoids at any stage. It is always important to treat them as soon as they appear. Delaying only causes more problems when it comes to dealing with piles that have developed outside of the anus.

Many cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids can be treated and cured through inexpensive over-the-counter products that can be easily used at home daily. Sitz baths are an amazing home treatment solution that soothes inflamed anal tissue and greatly reduces itch and pain associated with problem piles. There is other many other helpful remedies available that can treat, cure, comfort and prevent hemorrhoids from returning. Not every person can afford expensive health insurance, so it is nice that there are effective home remedies available online that can provide instant relief from pain and remove piles at their source.

After you have selected from a variety of effective treatments online to eliminate thrombosed hemorrhoids there will be a recovery time. It can become uncomfortable to sit down for extended periods of time without a hemorrhoid cushion of some kind. The lift and support hemorrhoid seating provides is specially engineered to decrease pain, while improving healing of the tender anal area where tissue has been damaged. Millions of people have found great relief from using affordable cushions that allow for comfortable seating when healing after hemorrhoid removal.

You deserve to live hemorrhoid free and once again enjoy activities without worrying about itch, pain, or bleeding that stems from swollen veins outside of the anus. Until a person experiences what it is like to suffer from piles, they have no idea how terrible the symptoms are to deal with on a daily basis. Walking and sitting become painful tasks. Fortunately, there are over-the-counter treatments and products for curing and healing thrombosed hemorrhoids.


Source by Winston Cook